Destiny 2 Players Concerned About Bungie's Plans for PC and Console Crossplay

Bungie has left members of the Destiny 2 community concerned after publicly targeting changes to the game ahead of the addition of full crossplay later this year - possibly signalling that it will merge mouse-and-keyboard and controller players in matchmaking.

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Fritzwochel74d ago

Mouse and keyboard is so 1990s

XbladeTeddy74d ago

Good luck winning against a PC player with a half decent gaming mouse.

one2thr74d ago

The real concern is having to deal with wall hacks and aimbots.

--Onilink--74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Destiny has a rather significant aim assist on consoles, and it has a rather long trk compared to other games, so if anything, unless you run into people who are really good with m+k it probably wont make that much of a difference.

The biggest thing is that the PC version has a major hacking problem

bradfh74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Why have pay for multiplayer subscriptions( PS or Xbox gold) when crossplay is allowed.

PapaBop74d ago

I'm more concerned with all the effort they are putting into Destiny 2. That ship sailed a good two years ago for me and my friends. It's time for Destiny 3 where they actually take all the feedback onboard and get it right the first time.

Gridknac74d ago

You are exactly right. But they are not going to make 3 when they can just charge you for a half assed update every Sept. I am with you and quit playing 2 yrs. ago. There is still enough people buying in to the "New" pass every year because they sure don't seem to be tired of kickin the same ol can down the rode. My God if nothing else it needs an engine update.

RedeemTK74d ago

they literally said they arent doing d3 rn, but ok

GottaBjimmyb74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Or they could just split loot pools for PVP and PVE. They ruin the whole PVE side of the game for a small subset of people who want PVP, if PVE gear and progress wasn't tied so heavily to progress I suspect the PVP side of the game would wither away.

You can even have strong or interesting weapons in PVE because PVP players, and the only feedback that ever makes it in is PVP player feedback. Hence sunsetting, nerfs, split player pools (no cross-play) and just boring bland weapons.

RedeemTK74d ago

controller players concerned*

Btf_199174d ago

It’s the pc cheaters that console players should worry about

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