After 25k complaints, EU calls for investigation into Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift

The European Commission has released a statement outlining its potential next steps regarding Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift, prompted by calls for it to act from its own European Consumer Organisation (BEUC).

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potatoseal74d ago

Ok, this seems like a real problem that Nintendo need to address. I mean 25k actually bothered to complain. How many people just bought new joy-cons after they experienced drift in their old ones and not said anything and just went about their lives? Probably thousands and thousands.

Why does no one seem to care much about Nintendo? They really do have their own little area all carved out in the console space. They aren't in competition with anyone. That's the truth.

If this was a Sony or MS controller problem with multiple lawsuits and over 25k complaints it would be top news everywhere and everyone would be talking about it. But with it being Nintendo, no one cares. Hell I don't even really care that much LOL. Youtubers won't talk about it. Websites won't really write about it and even if they did, there would be little traction on those articles because people don't give a shit LMAO. It's hilarious

neutralgamer199274d ago

Because it's nintendo they always get a free pass. Could you imagine Microsoft or Sony selling cardboard boxes for $60

Nintendo does his own thing until it starts to outsell PlayStation and Xbox then you see Nintendo fans posting about the fact that their console is competing with next-gen consoles but when Nintendo consoles aren't doing well we are told they're doing their own thing

There's a big double standard when it comes to anything relating to Nintendo because of the nostalgia factor

People who are complaining about remasters need to realize the fact half of Nintendo exclusives if not more are directly ported from the Nintendo Wiiu as remasters

Neonridr73d ago

I mean aside from the Wii U it's been a while since Nintendo hasn't "done well"

oakshin73d ago

What I find funny is when they aren't doing well you will see a push(easy to see if you are paying attention)my the media to over sell and exaggerate all of there software as the greatest thing ever then after a few years when they are doing good again criticize the same software I find that funny personally

KingofBandits73d ago

Nintendo doesn't give a F. Never has with stuff like this. They will just keep pushing the same junk out until they decide a new version is necessary to bump up interest in the platform, quietly fix the issue and then watch all the plebs rebuy the console lol

Good-Smurf73d ago

The guy whom I sold my Switch to was personally checking Joy Con before buying for 15 minutes,really serious stuff I almost scared by his dedication.
So yeah it was serious enough that one of the Nintendo fan like this guy would look for non drifting Joy Con and mine wasn't quite there yet,what a relief he said yes and bought it.

Nyxus74d ago

I don't think Nintendo is going to bother fixing this. Why would they? The Switch will sell anyway.

Imalwaysright73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

The EU comission is many things. Being shy over fining companies and recalling products aren't one of them.

KingofBandits73d ago

pfft lol thinking the government, ESPECIALLY the NWO (I mean EU) is hilarious. The only time they ever ban together to solve anything is when it put money in their coffers.

Imalwaysright73d ago


My country is going to get from the EU what we call a "bazooka" of more than €45 billion to help with the pandemic and that's my country alone. You know why? Because our government is paying from 80% to 100% of our wages due to lockdowns and restrictions. Infinitely better than your 600 crumbs especially when you have literally mile long food lines and when millions of you are facing eviction. BTW any word from your government about M4A in the middle of a pandemic and a recession? I know that the EU isn't perfect but to get criticism from a person whose country is a completely failed state is hilarious so pffft lol indeed.

ZeroBlue274d ago

It's definitely an issue, but as much as it pains me to defend Nintendo, they're pretty good about fixing them. When my girlfriend's starting drifting, she sent them in and got them back all within a week at no charge. She said they felt like new ones, but who knows. That being said, I hope they fix the issue going forward, it seems like it would cost them more to continually replace/fix them than it would be to just fix the issue.

Mr_Writer8573d ago

They don't fix everyone's.

There are stories of them even fixing them for free, but then making up something else wrong with them.

Also it's came far too late for most, I had to repair my own, so they won't replace mine.

BattleCat73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

And because of things like this, I will never support Nintendo. They take everything from you, and give you always the shittiest quality. The most greedy & expensive company, where 6 year old "remasters" are sold as full price. They are 97% identical to the Wiiu version. And so on...
A real company for families and who love children .)

Neonridr73d ago

I mean most Nintendo consoles still work, even back from the 80s/90s. I'd say that's a far cry from poor build quality.

But this is something they need to address, period.

DaCajun73d ago

Drama Queen much, wow gotta love fanboys from the competition jump on anything negative. Yes Nintendo game prices really ever go on sale or down in price. So what, if you don't like it don't purchase anything Nintendo. Problem solved. I bet you don't even game on Nintendo systems anyway. Their build quality is just the same as others. Yes they have a drift problem that needs resolved and hopefully they will be made to resolve that issue.

I just want to know where are you fanboys to champion against PS4 and xbox controller stick drift? I've gone through 6 controller for my PS4 3 for drifting and 3 for unresponsive triggers or buttons. Even my PS5 controller started drifting after a month. There's thousands of complaints on the internet about it. Where is the crusaders against Sony or xbox?

No personal experience with the last 2 generations of xbox but I've seen articles about them having stick drift also. Seen videos about playstation and xbox both using the same generic sticks and then they are still using the same in the new generation of controllers. Why?

Good-Smurf73d ago

To be fair Wii U was quite well built but yeah some of the plastics felt quite cheap and their games have always been overpriced and stay in full price for what seemed like forever.
And why Pro controller $80 it almost like they knew Joy Con was crap so people with meaty hands or long fingers will have no choice but to buy one.

Tiqila73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Shittiest quality? Nintendo? You must be thinking of some other company. Maybe one of the systems with YLOD or RROD? Or systems that make noise like a jet engine after a year of decent use? Or the systems that require mid gen upgrades so the rest of the generation games run like crap on the original system? Regarding price, complain about 60$ remasters all you want, but it was another greedy company who
bumped the prices of games up to 70$ this gen.

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Milkshake21273d ago (Edited 73d ago )

It's about time. Stop treating Nintendo differently, they do shitty practices too.
Can't wait to read whatever excuses N4G's Nintendo zealots come up with. Truly pathetic.

Unknown_Gamer579473d ago

The worst part is, it gives Nintendo zero incentive to improve. I love Nintendo to, but I am able to acknowledge areas in which they could do better. But, if I owned a business with a product that practically printed money, and a legion of fans worshipped everything my business did regardless, I probably wouldn't see the need to change much either, no matter how legit the grievances may be that some people may have. That's where Nintendo is at right now.

Tiqila73d ago

Confirmation bias much?
Or, let's have it your way, media just loves Nintendo and gamers are sheeps that fall for all the false reviews gen after gen after gen... I know what you are thinking right now, "I have made up my mind, don't confuse me with facts".

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