Team Cherry on Hollow Knight: Silksong - appealing to new and old players, making Hornet expressive

NE: "There’s no doubt that if you played the original Hollow Knight, you’ll be interested in Hollow Knight: Silksong. However, Team Cherry is hoping to grab new players as well."

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Highrevz308d ago

The one game I have to look forward to this year.

Shouldn’t Hollow Knight be left as a starting point for new players? I don’t want Silksong to have a reduced difficulty just to cater to new players.

Hollow knight is a fantastic Metroidvania due to its size and 0 hand holding, id like Silksong to follow the same ways and not become a toned down version.

Vanfernal306d ago

“We’re trying to be really, really mindful that we want this to be a game that new people can come into, and experience as their first Hollow Knight game – that it sits alongside the original game, and the difficulty also sits alongside the game in that way.”

It literally says they won't do that in the interview.