A ‘Cum Dungeon’ Offers The Fastest XP Farming In Bloodborne

Like most Souls games, Bloodborne can be pretty challenging. But hardcore players know there’s one place anyone can go to quickly gather the resources necessary for power-leveling, a magical playground simply known as the “Cum Dungeon.”

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-Foxtrot76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I wonder if people can invade your cum dungeon...

Snookies1276d ago

Yes, but only from behind. As it has to be a back stab.

UnSelf76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

They made a game based on my best friend’s sister ?

YodaCracker76d ago

Yes, it is based on my sister.

UnSelf76d ago

Oh sh*t. Yoda, what’s good bro I ain’t know u was on this site too. I was just playin bout ur sis

75d ago
Futureshark76d ago

I heard one of the bosses is a huge old horny hag.
The cum starved beast.

starsi36075d ago

But I really wanna go do it...

Rachel_Alucard75d ago

I can't tell if this is the lyrics to Relax by Frankie goes to hollywood or not.

Rhythmattic73d ago

I was abducted by the 80's.

annoyedgamer76d ago

Must..resist..urge..dirty..jok e...

OpenGL76d ago

If you're already playing the chalice dungeons you generally no longer have a reason to farm echoes unless you don't care about staying at a level range that lets you play with and against other people.

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The story is too old to be commented.