Valve Corporation, Game Devs Facing Anti-Trust Lawsuit

Valve Corporation and several game developers & publishers are facing a lawsuit over pricing requirements for games sold on Steam.

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Piggeroni72d ago

Steam is trash. No useful ways to report abusive players in games. No ways to get unbanned from VAC even if your account was hijacked as account access "is your responsibility".

Excuse me while i leave my car unlocked with the door open and keys in the ignition, it doesn't matter if someone steals the car and runs someone over because it will be my fault and not theirs.

Get bent Valve, what a shit company.

Kryptix172d ago

"Excuse me while i leave my car unlocked with the door open and keys in the ignition"

Yea, I think you're just stupid. LOL

Unknown_Gamer579472d ago

If you were to do that IRL, you would be asking for your car to be stolen, so that's not a good metaphor.

You speak as though you've experienced having your account hijacked/banned. Do tell.

sourOG72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Bro it happens all of the time. Cars are stolen from peoples driveways constantly. I have to run my car before I go to work to thaw it out.

Unknown_Gamer579472d ago

@sourOG You must live somewhere with cold winters. I run my car while I'm scraping it off, then chill in my car for a bit, and leave enough time for it to thaw out, because heck if I'm going to leave my car unattended. Sure, it means getting up a bit earlier, but I'm not going to run it while I'm not watching it, because I don't trust other people.

sourOG71d ago

I’m close by when my car is running also but saying people deserve to have their car stolen for running it in their driveway is over the top.

GottaBjimmyb72d ago

How is Valve or any game dev a monopoly? Makes no sense. Meanwhile Google and Facebook get free passes. Like what?

Unknown_Gamer579472d ago

Valve clearly hasn't paid off all the right people like those other companies have. Honest coverage can go by the wayside if a company is able and willing to pay for it to be so. Such is the world we live in.

Hitman00771d ago

My Biggest Pissoff with steam is them selling games that dont even play or U cant go back on a forced update that renders the game unplayable now with a simple click to previous version?

71d ago