20 Easy Steps to Starting GTA IV on Your PC

This article lists the 20 steps a user must take in order to play GTA IV on the PC.

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Speed-Racer3700d ago

Hahaha hilarious article.

Bren863700d ago

lol this article has really put me off from getting the pc version now.

I Call 9MM3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Here's a list they added of known problems to the article:

The crash-to-desktop bug is rampant, a "fatal zlib20 error". No known solution yet.
* Securom must be running at all times while the game is running. Closing it results in the game closing too.
* SecuROM will often crash, resulting in your game not starting at all.
* The reason the menu screen was black for me for so long is because it must download a file every time you start the game, since the menu background is actually an online updating news page.
* The newest Geforce Drivers: version 180.48, are not compatible with GTA IV.
* The Windows Live update supports Vista 32bit only. If you have Windows Vista 64bit, you can not play.
* The game does not support, nor recognise, SLI card set ups of any of the Geforce 8600 or 8800 card series.

Not only is the game itself buggy, but the version of, you guessed it, Securom they are using to "protect" this game is buggy and it seems to crash all the time. Here's a thought, when the eventual patch arrives, how about making it so that Securom goes away. I'm sure the game is already up on torrent sites without Securom and probably runs better then the retail version.

The game needs to download a new background every time you play? Now that is a bunch of BS. Make that go away to Rockstar. Seriously, Games for Windows standards are starting to look like nothing more then a nice logo at the top of the box instead of actually meaning the game will work when you put it in your drive. Seriously.

And also, not only do you need to sign up for a Windows Live account, you also need to sign up for Rockstar's own account. Me thinks there where too many concessions Microsoft had to make in order to get Rockstar to slap Games For Windows Live on the box.

I Call 9MM3700d ago

And the Windows Live update only supports Vista 32 Bit??? Hello, isn't 64-bit support MANDATORY in all Games for Windows titles. Jeeze.

riksweeney3700d ago

Step 21: Go out and buy the console version.

I Call 9MM3700d ago


Step 21a: Go out and borrow it off of one of your buddies who already bought it so Rockstar doesn't get any more money.

Naww seriously, but people should boycott the PC version until they fix it and remove Securom. Apparently, here it is an issue with the game not running properly. I wonder how many other games it affects as well (is it the reason Fallout 3 likes to crash so much?). Honestly, only Fallout 3 really seems to be the only Securom game I have that likes to crash a lot. Everything else seems to work fine (though it made the C&C3 games not work right on Vista 64 for awhile).