How Insomniac’s Peter Parker Plays Better Than Miles Morales (For Now)

KeenGamer: "Despite the many improvements introduced in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a closer inspection shows that Peter still plays better than Miles. While the game perfects traversal and introduces new powers, the rookie hero still has much to learn to catch up to his mentor."

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Christopher145d ago

It's kind of the point that Morales has powers but is weaker on tech. Now, as to which plays better is really up to if you like the venom powers or Peter's gadgets. Not really a true winner here.

IRetrouk145d ago

Agree, I personally want them both in the next game, both characters feel different, which was the point I guess lol

Sunny_D144d ago

Don't forget his camouflage!

toxic-inferno144d ago

This is what won me over to Miles Morales. It irritated me so much in the original game that you could do the first wave of Hideouts perfectly stealthy, but the game would force you to do the following waves in combat. The first game couldn't really be played using stealth tactics, whereas Miles gave you the choice.

Profchaos144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

No way I thought Miles was so much better to play as when I went back to play the remaster I played Ng+ and felt that the gameplay was way more boring without venom powers plus Miles had better gadgets less of them but a bigger impact on combat. Plus invisibility

Moe-Gunz144d ago

Miles to me plays better. Everything is streamlined and works in tandem.