Leaked benchmarks put Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU within a whisker of RTX 3090

Rumoured GPU is back, this time with detailed specs and benchmarks.

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Tapani70d ago

Scored the same as a well performing 3080 in Time Spy, and the price will be 20-30% higher. Absolutely not worth it. 3070 is still the value king. Undervolt it and OC it and you got 180w and 2000mhz clocks performing slightly better than rtx 2080ti. Plus it's easier to find on stock, and the latest drivers lifted the performande 5-7%.

_SilverHawk_69d ago

The 3080ti is the gpu for me and hopefully ill be able to get one at launch.

mikeslemonade69d ago

Yep preordering it. The value argument never made sense to me. For me it’s about paying a premium to play max settings or close to it, but won’t pay the enthusiast price tag of the 3090.

Neonridr69d ago

I jumped the gun and got a 3080. While I wish it came with more than just 10GB of VRAM, I'll live. It's a nice card. If the price isn't that much more I can always look at selling this card for decent value to someone looking to upgrade and put that towards the TI.

CDbiggen70d ago

I know next to nothing about this stuff really, just that I plug card in and play game. But I have seen mention about the 10gb vram of the 3080 may not be enough for 4k gaming? Others say they max out RDR2 at 4k and 10gb is fine. Anyone in the know care to clarify?

Vits70d ago

Currently there is no need for more of 10GB of VRAM for 4K gaming. That said. What some people are extremely concerned about is how much that will be the case in the near future. Given that developers now are dealing with consoles that feature 16 GB.

So basically people are concerned that in one or two years those cards will be useless for gaming at this resolution.

CDbiggen70d ago

Big help, thank you. Can't wait for developers to make the most of next gen.

OpenGL70d ago

Exactly, people that keep saying "but it runs RDR2 at 4K fine!" forget that RDR2 is a last-gen game. I seriously doubt most 3080 buyers bought the card with the expectation of only playing games designed to run on the PS4.

lonewolf1070d ago

But isn't that 16GB shared and not dedicated to only graphics, could see issues with the new consoles keeping @ 4k native without upscaling if 10GB is not enough?

Vits69d ago


Yes, the fear is not exactly that the games will use 16GB on consoles. Is more that if they start using close to that on consoles. On PC it's likely going to be even more, because of the lack of optimization. And then the 10GB is not going to be enough.

Though to be honest I found the whole idea bizarre. Because the people that are playing in 4K right now. Most likely will get newer cards in a year or two anyway.

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Tapani69d ago

It will be absolutely fine. The card's performance will hit a wall before the VRAM limitations will apply. It cannot fill the VRAM in the most demanding games like Cyberpunk and Watch Dogs 2, and still doesn't run 4K60. In 2-3 years time, RTX 3080 won't be able to play most demanding games at ultra, so you have to lower the settings which in turn lowers the Vram requirements to hit 60 fps. DLSS also lowers the requirement. And even if there is one single game that requires more than 10GB, you can still just turn ONE setting down from ultra to high (textures) and you'll VRAM wil be sufficient.

StoneyYoshi69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

You are talking about people paying top dollar for one of the best GPUs so they don't have to compromise graphics quality like that. This will end up being a concern in the next couple of years when a lot of games will include higher resolution textures and assets especially with RT which will be one of the main culprits behind this.

vTuro2470d ago

Nice, more food for scalpers. I feel like I will be stuck with my 1070 until the end of time.

Espangerish69d ago

At this rate they will be announcing the 4080 by the time 3080 stock is available.