Elden Ring will not be shown during Taipei Game Show

According to a latest report, Elden Ring will not be shown during the ongoing Taipei Games Show 2021.

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Iltapalanyymi854d ago

Getting real tired of this, when will we actually get to see it again?

Lionsguard854d ago

If they're still working on it then let them be. I don't want this to turn into another Cyberpunk situation. It'll be done when its done and when they're ready to show something substantial it better be something very close to the final product and close to the release date.

on_line_forever854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

Iam very excited for Elden Ring and Iam very ok if they need more time , in the end Iam sure fromsoftware will make it great and we will enjoy Play the game for long time

be patient bro and don't forget it will be long and bigger than all previous games

Darkborn853d ago

I'd actually rather this game just like a dragon's dogma 2 (hopefully it happens) be released a couple years from now so they are next gen only and not cross gen garbage like cyberpunk.

CaptainHenry916852d ago

Why does it feel like this game is going to be another Dark Souls and Sekiro?

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talocaca854d ago

Did we expect it to be shown there? Literally the first time I hear about a "Taipei Game Show" 🤔

Mostly concerned that it might be yet another release trapped between generations: too ambitious to run well on base, last gen and not able to fully embrace next gen hardware.

bujasem_89854d ago

i see this happening, even Sekiro suffered on base consoles. there's a way around it though, offer a resolution mode for the insane and a frame rate mode for people who know what they are getting into. at least it'll be playable or pretty honestly don't think base consoles can have it both ways.

BattleCat853d ago

Maybe we also just should buy it 1 year after release. Really, from software is very low, with the showing of gameplay politics to this game.