Blu-ray: Messiah of the PS3?

The PS3 is facing heavy criticism. Pundits are screaming lower than expected sales, shipping problems, high prices, bad PR, and an underwhelming launch list.

Defenders of the console are screaming that the big black console is built and engineered for a bright tomorrow, that prices will go down in time, that the high price is an investment worth making, and that just like the PS2, the games will come.

Defenders of Sony's big black console are also saying that the PS3 has Blu-ray. They're saying that Blu-ray is the future, and that it will help support the PS3 until the promised franchises and the awaited titles arrive. The sentiment is that Blu-ray will help the PS3 much the same way DVD helped the PS2...

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TheMART4907d ago

"Sony's big black box has been facing "hate" since even way before it was launched. You'd think that it'll all lighten up after launch but no, the PS3 is facing a lot of criticisms right now. The latest EGM cover even shows a tomato-splattered PS3.

Despite things looking good for the Blu-ray format, it still doesn't automatically translate to a brighter future for the PS3. Not that we'd like to decry the PS3, we just want to see Sony do things right. We have a PS3 here in the office ourselves, and we, like all of you PS3 fans out there, don't want to end up with a dead console.

As much as we'd like to be happy about how things look promising for Blu-ray, Sony still has to exert a lot of effort to make Blu-ray matter for their PS3.

Sony has to make good on their promise that games for the PS3 will come. Sony has to work on that PlayStation Network of theirs. Sony still has to communicate to users that US$ 600 equates to a decent Blu-ray player. Sony has to communicate that Blu-ray movies are starting to sell and are starting to proliferate. Sony just basically needs to communicate."

There they nailed what it's all about. Sony has to do to many things at once. Plus, the PS3 is a videoplayer first and a gaming console second. The Playstation Network isn't anywhere near XBOX Live.

The most funniest thing would be if there won't be even a 'next gen' videoplayer standard, but that streaming is kicking in. Like already HD movies are on marketplace to download and watch. What's the need for a physical videodrive then?

the_bebop4907d ago

Not everyone is thrilled about on line downloads for video games since it is completely different to downloading movies or TV shows, people want to actually make sure that there game is protected from having the data corrupted or lost which they then have to download all over again and even have to start the game over from the beginning. Also having a game on a disc insures for the developers that it would be a lot harder for people to copy some of there game data an be used Illegally.

techie4906d ago we even want to download movies? Over here are internet is not that fast (UK) It can be if you can afford it, but often where I live (in the forest) it's not very fast at all. ANy downloading technology might not be prefferable. I mean what are stores like HMV and Virgin going to do? We've been able to download music for a long time, but still the feel of a cd in my hand is always prefferable. People are starting to buy records again - it's a big thing, because it's about owning something physical, to put it in the player and watch it spin. Physical media is here for a very long time - if you americans want this iptv marlarky then have it.

DJ4907d ago

Digital Distribution is NOT the future; it's simply an important supplement to it. In the end, people want physical representations of their monetary investments because it gives them peace of mind. There's also the problem of bandwidth requirements, download times, and storage capacity. With HD movies hitting 30~50GB each, storage capacity becomes a huge problem.

It's bad enough that you're spending large amounts of money on entertainment that can disappear at any moment, but to keep spending money on hard drives to store the damn things? That's just too much to ask.

Can you imagine downloading 40GB PS3 titles? You'd need so many hard drives that no one would consider doing it. Blu-ray was a great investment, and Sony's decision to license the technology is definitely going to pay off.

BIadestarX4907d ago

DJ, I would agree with you about the 40GB thing if the following were true:
1) HD games have to have 40GB. You may be right about Sony PS3 games; it may be impossible at this time to distribute PS3 games digitally, but not XBox 360 games. For some strange reason Xbox 360 games like oblivion with a huge amount of gameplay fits perfectly fine on less than 9GB. Why is that? Does that mean that the Xbox 360 have so sort of superior data compression system that allows them to produce same or better quality games than the PS3 with less space? 40GB is like 5 XBox 360 games.... wow... that sounds very interesting.

2)Right now XBox marketplace it distributing HD content as we speak, how is that possible? Also, you do not have to download the entire movie to start watching it. One can start watching the movie within minutes of starting the download while it finishes downloading on the background.... Why can't games be done the same way? What's so impossible for someone to pay for a game, wait 5-10 minutes to start playing the game, while the game finishes downloading on the background? User will never noticed since games are more sequential than movies... people may want to fast-foward a movie but gamers have to beat level 1 before they get to level 2.

3) a 500GB can be found at $149.99 which can hold more than 55 (9 GB XBox 360 NOT PS3 games since they are so huge.. right?). Most people never buy that many games during the entire time they own a console. And if they do; heck... buy another drive.

4) Now I'm not saying having blu-ray is a total mistake, but should be use for backup... allow those that want to burn their games to a physical location like DJ to have it their way and have it physically.

If they come up with a better business modal where digitally distribute games are streamed download (similar to what microsoft is doing with movies NOW!), allow me to download it at anytime once I pay for it like XBox live does with xbox live arcade (You only pay once so if HDD dies you can always re-download), allow burning into a DVD, HD-DVD or blu-ray if wanted, and to be $10 cheaper since it does same lots of money to developer not have to mass produce disk and ship them to stores.

Why the heck whould I drag by butt to the store to pay $10 extra which may take me 1-2 hours when I can simply pay less and start playing the game I want to play within minutes... saving money... and burning the game into a disk if I feel like it.

DJ, here is a little secret... digital distribution is the future.. you can't see it; because you are thinking inside of the box... you see the limitations like bandwith and other restrictions that Sony is adding like A GAME MUST BE 40GB. Digital distribution is here to stay and will replace disks.. etc... It makes logical sense.
You are probably one of those that believed that digital music distribution was not possible, or that companies like vonage would not make it anywhere because of 911 restrictions, etc...

DJ4906d ago

I guess that's why multiplatform titles are exactly the same size on the PS3 as they are on the Xbox 360. Gotta be those trade-secret compression techniques that MS cooked up. ^_~

And thanks for posting a link to a 3.5" HDD. PS3 and 360 use 2.5" HDDs. Go back and shop again -<>- You'll find that 180 bucks will only get you 160GB.

I understand that you're worried that PS3 titles will pull ahead of 360 titles due to Blu-ray's superior storage capacity. Don't worry about it dude. MS will have to adopt Blu-ray next time around, lest they be painted by the press as always being a step behind Sony. You'll be fine.

"You are probably one of those that believed that digital music distribution was not possible" -> 4MB song files are one thing, 30~50GB games are another. =P

----------------------------- -
Luckily, you did come up with one good idea. Being able to play a game while it is downloading sounds cool. Ok, it would interfere with the game's usage of the hard drive for caching. But if devs don't put that in, it won't matter.

The problem with this Download & Burn model is that it leaves a lot of room for piracy. Making every console into a game burner isn't the most secure thing to do considering a clever hacker could figure out how to make limitless burns of each title they download, or some other thing.

techie4906d ago

I don't want to download damn it! I can't and don't want to. I want a cupboard where I can look through all my games and my movies and pick one and put it in the damn drive. It's so impersonal and lame to download things

UrbanJabroni4907d ago

"We have a PS3 here in the office ourselves, and we, like all of you PS3 fans out there, don't want to end up with a dead console."

At the end of the day, this is why there are rabid fanboys in the world for all consoles.

Blu-Print4906d ago

Digital distribution can't replace discs ,or, at least not anytime soon. People still want a hard copy of what they have just purchased, especially if it's a game or a movie that they've been anticipating for so long. If in the future it does happen, then it'll be more of an option. I mean, people still buy CDs, not everyone is into technology. There are still many people who like to collect their movies or add another game to their library on the shelf.

gogators4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

disc format may win the HD format war, but digital downloads will continue to expand as a market. I can't remember if it was Superman Returns that I download off the Live market place, but it was only 7 gb in size. You could start watching the movie after it had been downloading for about 15 minutes. Most of the HD downloads come in at around 5 to 7 gb in size. Couldn't doing anything while I downloaded GT HD, great job with your downloads Sony! MS doesn't have to adopt any format with their next gen machine. They certainly aren't a step behind Sony. Except for it's reliabilty; the 360 is the best pure video game playing machine I ever owned. Already have 3 360's and 45 very good titles for it, while only one for my lonely PS3. The PS3 has been a real nice video player, but IMO it is going to cost Sony market control this go around. Oh yeah, the superior storage capacity of the PS3 isn't going to suddenly allow PS3 titles to pull away from 360 titles. Storage has little to do with how any title will turn out.

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