PlayStation Files Patent For Technology That Lets Spectators Mess With You in VR

IGN - Sony has filed a patent for technology that lets audience members make decisions for players inside of virtual reality.

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ApocalypseShadow308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

This would work well in multiple ways.

Spectators could give you items like say, a gladiator game, and drop weapons into that battle to help or hinder your ability to defeat your opponent with strong or weak weapons. Maybe throw you a piece of meat for health. Could even be 4 player with 2 VR opponents and 1 helper for each headset when playing online.

Another way, you could be playing an RPG, and just like magic users do in those games, they could heal you or give you defensive spells for protection while you fight. But you have to fight well in VR for the spectator to build enough magic points that they can spend to help you win.

Of course, the one I like best, is a Dungeon Master, Dungeons and Dragons game. Dungeon Master decides what traps are in the area, the enemy skeletons, orcs, dragons, wizards, vampires, etc that are in your way. A real time, true D&D game with up to four VR players in VR.

Even though Sony has done something like this patent already, there's nothing wrong with improving the gameplay that can be shared with those outside the headset until you take turns with the next headset user. Then you help or hinder them.

Storm23308d ago

Yeah bunch of interesting things can be done. I hope PSVR2 is a huge leap in tech. So much potential in VR

CrimsonWing69308d ago

It will be, just look at the Oculus Quest 2.

There’s no screen door effect, everything is clear, no delays, and it’s wireless.

Storm23308d ago

Perfect. That will be great. I hope we get some full, AAA single player games that just melt faces...

ApocalypseShadow308d ago

Lol. Melt faces.

With the power of these new systems and PC graphics cards, I'm sure of that. I just want the gameplay to match. And maybe, spectators watching can get in on the fun. Because sitting there watching is sometimes sleep inducing.