Resident Evil: Why Ethan Winters Works as the New Series Protagonist

Resident Evil's new protagonist, Ethan Winters, represents a return to form for Capcom's iconic horror franchise - but just how important is he in making the new games work?

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CrimsonWing6972d ago

We’ll agree to disagree. Like I loved RE7, but Ethan was so throwaway to me. Nothing about him stood out to me like previous characters in the series. Hell, I thought Bruce from Dead Aim was a more compelling character... but I’m one of those weirdos that actually likes that game, so what do I know?

Vandamme2172d ago

Pretty they didn’t even show what he look like.

KingofBandits71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

well in all honesty hes supposed to be you, more of an avatar, not really a proper character.

Vandamme2171d ago

You play as Chris Redfield and Jack Baker’s brother in the in the 2 dlc stories and they showed you what those 2 characters look like. So what makes Ethan so different, that they couldn’t show what he look like lol.

NapalmSanctuary71d ago


Therein lies the problem with RE7. I'm all for new characters being injected into RE but bringing in generic nothing characters like Ethan does nothing for the game.

Knightofelemia72d ago

I like Ethan it's nice to add new blood to the franchise and give say Jill, Claire, Leon a break from the franchise and running and fighting zombies. I'd like it if Ethan returned to the RE world he is one of my favorite characters.

KingofBandits71d ago

I am all for new characters and I am more interested in 8 then I was with 7 from a story perspective but as a whole Ethan and the characters around him I could not care less for. Theres no investment in this guy, don't care about his back story, family, or anything. Most of the long term fans feel this way, hence why hes done after this game

sourOG72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I don’t really disagree with this article, i loved re7 but it had nothing to do with winters. I’ll probably love 8 and it will have nothing to do with winters. The interesting characters are your enemies, the settings are the best characters.

That said, I hate the “it’s more immersive because YOU are him” excuse. The same excuse is used for silent protagonists and it’s simply bullshit. A silent protagonist isn’t immersive. The “every day man” in first person isn’t immersive. The setting and enemies carry that burden.

KingofBandits71d ago

lol no Ethan is a terrible character. Hes more fleshed out in 8 because of all the complaints about how boring he was as a character. in all truth he was not really meant to be a character much like 7 wasn't mean to be anything but a VR entry in the series. I am glad to know that Ethan's story will forever end with 8 and hopefully they just kill him off entirely. I am hoping for a more traditional RE for 9.