Sega Restructuring to Streamline & Accelerate Decision-Making; Haruki Satomi Becomes CEO

Sega announced today that it's restructuring its corporate organization, while relevant changes are happening at the helm.

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Nyxus145d ago

Seems similar to Konami's restructuring that's going into effect next week.

Unknown_Gamer5794145d ago

As much as I dislike SEGA, I at least have faith that this will lead to more games on their part. Konami's restructuring is just for show unless they prove it isn't be releasing something...even if it's another set of retro collections. Literally anything they throw our way would be an improvement over the nothing they currently produce.

Nyxus145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Hey, I'd take a MGS HD rerelease at this point...

Unknown_Gamer5794144d ago

Wow, three people obviously have more faith in Konami than I do.

isarai145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

That's good news, i remember hearing a while back that bickering amung higher ups and inability to make decisions has been why they don't make many games or new ips as often. Hopefully this finally fixes that because they still have some great talent in there

autobotdan145d ago

But the question is does Sega have Blast Processing in 2021?

Wulfer145d ago

It's thinking it's about to be apart of XGS.

phoenixwing145d ago

So long as yakuza continues I'll be fine with it

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