7 BIG Limited Edition Games: Worth Buying or Not?

This season is no stranger to "Special" and "Collector's" editions of major videogame releases. In fact, being assaulted with pretty tin-box packaging, miniature art books, and making-of DVD's (for an extra ten bucks or so over the regular retail price) has become as much a holiday tradition as eggnog, shopping mall Santas, and unwanted hugs from relatives we see once a year.

So, it's no surprise then this year is chock-full of bonus content-packed offers from all the major publishers. But, while many (Call of Duty: World at War, Prince of Persia) are still churning out some combination of the aforementioned extras, others-perhaps spurned on by last year's mini Spartan-helmet supported Halo 3 Legendary Edition-are upping the ante in offering the most complete fan-pleasing packages.

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cryymoar3696d ago

4/5 for the Resistance 2 collectors?
-Limited Resistance 2 case (only available via collectors edition)
-Art book
-Bonus content Blu-Ray with Making of, multiplayer tips, and comic.
-Extra weapon code
-5 inch Chimera action figure!!

The action figure alone is what sold me.
Gears of War 2 doesn't come with any more, not even a locust or Marcus Fenix action figure; why does it get a higher score?

PlayStation3603696d ago

But I think the author feels the ranking is justified because of the $10 difference between the Gears 2 and R2 Collectors Edition. So I don't blame the guy. I, personally, would have loved if the R2 collectors came in a Steel-book case. But that's just me. The Chimera figure still rocks though.

And I disagree with Fable2's ranking. If the dude gave R2 a 4, F2 should be a 3. The previous F2 CE is worth it. But not the one they released. Compared to Gears2 CE price tag. Fable 2 CE is definitely not worth the extra $10.

Just my opinion.

kwicksandz3696d ago

In Australia the collectors edition for fable 2 is the same price as standard.

stevenhiggster3696d ago

How the hell does Gears of War 2 merit a 5 star??

PlayStation3603696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Y'all are lucky bro. Here in the states we had to pay $70, $10 mark up from standard. For a DVD, a different looking case (BTW: looks terrible compared to the standard case IMHO), and DL content (which many couldn't get at launch). That's all. :/

Fun game though.

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Venomish3696d ago

I bought the limited edition of resistance 2 for $60 from amazon
i also got resistance 1(i never played it) for $9 from amazon(with help of 10 bucks gift card)
good stuff

Are_The_MaDNess3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

damn i want R2 CE and SR2 CE (PS3)
its not coming in Norway :/
maybe i inport it after new year

theEnemy3696d ago

You could import it at

Although it will probably hit a $100 together with the shipping cost.

But if you compare the R2 CE to Gears 2, you'll get more on that extra $10.

kwyjibo3696d ago

Aside from the Dead Space limited edition which was capped at 1000 (shame that Dead Space is so dull), how long will these be around?

If you want truly limited edition, you have to splash out for merchandise.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 watch is looking hot - (500 made)

But the Manhunt Piggsy didn't sell - (500 made)

What other limited edition crap is pointlessly expensive on eBay right now?