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The story is set in 1999. This means that Marianne, if she were so inclined, could go out and purchase a copy of Silent Hill. If she did, she would learn a number of useful lessons.

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Thundercat77146d ago

The first review of this game came from Digital Foundry calling it "the first true Xbox next Gen game" and praising it like if it was the second coming of Christ.

After that, we started to receive many other reviews telling a different picture and a general consensus that the game was mediocre.

I used to respect Digital Foundry but not anymore. They are very very sweet when it comes to talk about Xbox. Can't trust them anymore.

dRanzer146d ago

They talked about the tech side not the the overall game

WelkinCole146d ago

Agree its been generally bad reviews with the exception of Gamespot.

SullysCigar146d ago

Yup, all the positive reviews seem to be from sites with Xbox in the name, or the usual Xbox cheerleaders (Eurogamer, Gamespot, IGN...).

It's like I said at the time, get those with apparent affiliations and the paid reviews out of the way, and then keep an eye as the scores from those that are too small to be cajoled roll in...

Atom666146d ago

DF doesn't review games, they do tech analysis.

And FFS, can we reign in the insecurities over this game.

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Atom666145d ago

Yeah, I think I did.

Sorry about that. Hope I didn't disrupt your busy day of shit posting.

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darthv72146d ago

I didn't see a review from DF. Only a tech analysis. What score did they give it?

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Minute Man 721145d ago

Really??? Just their opinion

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Minute Man 721145d ago

Picking this up whenever I get a XsX

CaptainObvious878145d ago

Oh dear.

MS is going to have to do a lot better if they want me buying an xbox.