Assassin's Creed 2 - Will it be the revolution we are hoping for?

They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere.

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chasegamez3699d ago

yeah right
you wont fool us again

XboxOZ3603699d ago

Please explain mate?

Assassin's creed delivered what it said it would. It's a story based on the theory of genetics and how the past plays a part in the current times and visa-versa.

The whole thing will run over many centuries and include several iterations. It certainly wasn't made as a once-off production, that's for sure.

chaosatom3699d ago

Have Fun missions, Big Boss battles.

New Locals, and Etc.

gaminoz3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Boss battles maybe, but not with the HUGE GIGANTIC RIDICULOUSLY LARGE baddies we see too often in games now.

Here's a thought...the boss is just normal sized but skilled?

Anyway where do you think it should go, if you want it to have a new environement?

arika3699d ago

if it was an exclusive ps3 game it might have a chance to be something special, but from the way things are looking i doubt it, because i think they have maxed out the potential on dvd-9, and because developers want to make it look the same on both consoles, then it might be good but not extraordinary.
just take a look at gears of war 2 and you will see what i mean about dvd-9 potential being maxed out.

XboxOZ3603699d ago

It's based around believable historic events, not fictional monsters and big-boss fights mate. If you want that, grab Ninja Gaiden II.

gaminoz3699d ago

@ Arika,

What a load of fanboy rubbish. Until the PS3 really puts something out there that proves the whole Blu Ray is better thing (and even MGS4 and Uncharted, which are top notch games with great graphics don't prove this), just give up will you?

I have yet to play a PS3 game (and yes I have a PS3) that blows 360 games out of the water "because Blu Ray is better". Utter drivel.

XboxOZ3603699d ago

What a load of onesided rubbish ..

If DVD9 was maxed out, how come Far Cry 2 is such a leap forward on the format, with still room to spare and with more memory to spare.

I spoke to the producers and creative directors of Far Cry 2 and they said there's still heaps of un-tapped abilities on the DVD9 format they haven't even looked at. This helps them keep the cost of thegames down andthe quality up.

I've played heaps of FC 2 so far, built some amazing maps, which is one of THE BEST map editors on the market today, and the weather effects, fire etc are all brilliant.

This is/was all possible on BOTH PS3 and 360 without any real differences whatsoever. Yet with the PC versions, you had to have stronger Graphics cards and more memory, showing that the DVD9 is no where near dead yet.

AC was and still is an amazing game. I had a friend from Iran living with me atm, and he's just amazed at the quality, and he remarked on how close to reality the c=game is with regards to environments and terrain etc. So I think he'd know better than any of us as to whether or not the game deplicted the area and the times better than you or I.

Stop being so one-eyed and fanboish and simply see innovation for what it is within the industry.

So many gamers complain about no developers taking risks, yet when they do, they (gamers) expect 110% perfection straight off the bat. Which in all things is basically impossible.

buy a ps33699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

a blu-ray disc is 5 time the size as the disc the 360 uses that is a fact that has been proven. no game has blown the 360 out of the water but games like MGS4 and resistance 2 have started to make the DVD disc that the 360 uses look smaller. we will have to wait for Killzone 2 for the 360 to be blown out of the water.

xhi43699d ago

Are you fu**in serious?


if that doesn't satisfy you (as those graphics can't sadly be done on the 360)

then 3 words and one number.

Metal Gear Solid 4.


Ryan Payton AND Hideo Kojima have continuously stated THIS GAME WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT BLU-RAY TECHNOLOGY, even in the game they make a joke about 'other systems' not being capable of running MGS4.

If you still think that using a next gen format compared to an old gen (DVD) format that is statistically declining fast then I can't help you there mate, no one can.

GUNS N SWORDS3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

the problems that they came across with the last game.

still, I'm so ever eagerly interested in the future of this game :)

edit, btw a quick review on how both versions ended out from IGN.

XboxOZ3603699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Ask any developer straight to their face, not via some 3rd, party "a friend of a friend said" thing, and they will tell you it has nothing to do with Blu-Ray or the capacity of the Blu-Ray disc. In fact, many find it a hinderance, not a blessing.

It also isn't about SIZE of anything really, as explained by Clint Hockings from Far Cry 2 when I interviewed him, which made the game for PC, PS3 and 360. It comes down to one major thing.

Becoming tech-smart with what you HAVE got, not what you haven;t got and think you need.

He, and others have now found ways to use LESS Memory for more complicated games such as PGR4, GRiD, Dirt 2, Far Cry 2, FallOut 3 etc etc without having or needing more memory than a mere 512 mgs of ram.

As pointed out by him, and other guys at Ubisoft we interviewed from different games appearing on all platforms, it has helped them master the development of the games, use and create MUCH better game engines because they HAVE to build for a smaller file size and they HAVE to build to use less memory.

As pointed out by them, and others, if they were given and open cheque book of file sizes, they would get lazy (their words, not mine) and simply create over bloated games that did nothing more than trim games could.

Blu-Ray is excellent for movie HD fedelity delivery, there's no question on that. But games on Blu_ray suffer huge problems,and even the developer of MGS4 said he'd prefer to make the game on a much more "universal" format so more ppl could experience his game/s.

Stop seeing Blu-Ray as the coming of christ for games, it is not. It is brilliant for movies, there's no doubting that, but ask any major developer, and they'll gladly stick with DVD-9, and DirX11 when it ships later in '09 early 2010

buy a ps33699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

XboxOZ360 games like ff13 MIGHT have to go on to more then one disc on the 360 but because of blu-ray for the ps3 they will be able to fit it on to one disc. blu-ray is great for first party developers and developers that are making big games. blu-ray is nothing more then more memory.

Danja3699d ago

Blu Ray is great for one who thinks it's only good for movies is obviously delusional.

M$ stuck with DVD9 bcuz they had no choice at the time...since they wanted to launch the 360 at an affordable price and adding an HD-DVD drive would have put it in the PS3 price range which would have killed the 360 instantly...

Back on topic : Im looking for to AC2..I really enjoyed the 1st game even though it was flawed...they just need to Give us a better variety of mission , harder Boss Battles , and most important a revamped fighting system.....

shovelbum3698d ago

Loved the first game. I was really fascinated by the character and the gameplay unlike many of you who complain about it being too repetitive and boring. I was playing a different game than you were obviously. As for the Revolution possibilities, it would be a great time for Altair to visit just as the author stated. Look forward to it.

pain777pas3698d ago

This is Ubisoft guys lets cut them some slack. They make great games some of the best to be honest and who can say that they learned nothing from AC1. The games was ambitious and the engine is amazing all they have to do really is execute based on the feedback which I think is almost a sure thing and they have one of the best new games series' back on track.

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ngg123453699d ago

It is even easier now, and includes even better platforming (you don't even have to walk right next to the wall to get on it, it will teleport you to the neccessary wall to complete a mission.

gaminoz3699d ago

The first game may have had repetitive missions, repetitive combat, and for hardcore gamers was too easy, but what it did have was an amazing environment to explore freely and a very good recreation of a time and place.

Fluid motion and ease of use climbing a seamless environment were good things imo. It was a game that could be played by both casual newbies and more experienced gamers.

It was just over-hyped and we all had active imaginations of what we thought it would be.

Besides, its about WHERE you think AC2 should be set. I sure hope it's still in the past.

Immortal Kaim3699d ago

I think people need to appreciate AC for what it is, an intriguing game set in an amazing time period. The scope of the game was immense, environments beautifully realised and the city-scapes were faithful recreations of historically important locations.

It was for me more than just a game, it was an experience.

I would personally love to see AC2 (or 3) go to ancient Greece, specifically during the upheaval of the Ionian Revolt and subsequent beginning of the Persian Wars...

gaminoz3699d ago

@ Immortal Kaim

Not a bad idea! Greece has been done a lot in games but not historical Greece...just fantasy mythic Greece.

darkmurder3699d ago

Very plausible situation, as long as they just add more diversity to the game then I shall consider picking this one up!

gaminoz3699d ago

There's lots of time periods I'd love to see AC in, but in the East with Ninjas is not one of them!

I know at the end of the game there looked like Asian writing, but I'm really hoping no.

Immortal Kaim3699d ago

I remember at the end of AC, one of the writings said Quezacolt? I'm not exactly sure but isn't it some type of mythical Aztec bird god? Maybe it could be set during the reign of the Aztecs?

XboxOZ3603699d ago

We can definitely do without ANY bloody ninja's in Assassin's Creed. The storyline doesn't even warrant it. The only thing that does is gamers wanting mindless hack-n-slash games with no real purpose other than fighting Big Boss Battles and combos for points etc. Get a life.

It has been interesting though. A study was conducted by some ppl on who plays/played AC and who liked it V's who didn't.

It seems there's two distinct age groups. Those UNDER 18-20 found the game boring and unadventurous, while those over found it deep thought provoking, and willing to put the "time" and energy into playing the game as it was designed. Interesting.

TOO PAWNED3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

So will we eventually go back in time period when our ancestors walked on this planet with dinosaurs by their side? I mean thats what Sarah Pallin told us, and it was just 4000 years ago, so why not?

XboxOZ3603699d ago

Well the Game To End All Wars is taking us back to the time of WWI, which will test many gamers paitence and skills. No automatic guns or indistructable tanks. Tanks were nothing more than trucks with sheet metal attached to the sides in many cases, those that were specifically built were slow, cumbersome, had poor range and were death traps.

70% of casualties came from friendly and axis fire, and more than half were from bayonettes, not gut fire in close combat situations.

So yes, some developers will take us back, and hopefully open many a gamers eyes to what it was really like, and not glorify the world of war.

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