PSXE: Demon's Souls Preview

Now that we have a few RPGs this generation to pave the way for more, fans of the genre feel a little more cheered at future prospects. For those who like the Eastern style of RPGs mixed with a Western hack 'n slash gameplay format, we suggest you pay attention to From Software's Demon's Souls, which is scheduled to release on February 5 in Japan but doesn't yet have a North American or European release. Considered to be the spiritual successor to King's Field, this action/RPG holds a "dark fantasy" theme and allows the player to create their own character and set off on an adventure in the kingdom of Voletaria. The realm is in upheaval due to the emergence of beasts and demons that have steadily annihilated the race of human warriors, which means you're gonna have your hands full. But you'll be able to utilize a variety of weaponry – each weapon type should significantly change the experience – and your quest could be epic in overall size and scope.

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INehalemEXI3700d ago

Considered to be the spiritual successor to King's Field

^^I dug kings field due to the first person rpg'ness. Which was later perfected in oblivion.

I hope this turns out good the screens look decent.

gameraxis3700d ago

if decent i could really go for a game like this!!

TOO PAWNED3700d ago

Please guys dont hype this, i see LAIR 2 if people hype it. Game will turn out to be junk

Gambit073700d ago

Damn, the title is annoying to say, because of the two words ending with an S. Aaahhh! maddening!

Radiodread3700d ago

ur the one to talk with denis dyke as your avatar. Too human was the MOST hyped game this generation and look how that turned out. Lair was A LOT more decent that that trash of a game TOO HUMAN. And what damn hype do you see about this game I see four posts. STFU.