Spider-Man Remastered Update 1.003 Today Fixes An Annoying Issue On PS5

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered has been updated to version 1.003 today on PS5. This update resolves an annoying issue with the remaster.

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SyntheticForm145d ago

I haven't finished MM or even started this one due to the hard crashes that invariably happen every time I play. It's a real shame this isn't sorted out.

Storm23145d ago

I have played through Miles on PS5 from start to finish twice and Platinumed it. Great game. Ran into a few weird glitches that required the restart checkpoint option but nothing game breaking. Had a blast with it and can't wait to see what they do next with Spiderman.

JustTheFax145d ago

Yikes, MM has this issue too? I recently completed Spiderman Remastered and had 4 hard crashes (one where I had to completely power down and back up), and one game breaking glitch where I had to restart from a saved game.

SyntheticForm145d ago

They both do, apparently.

Also @ Storm: I enjoyed it very much as well, but I've hard crashed about 4 times as well during my playthrough. Want the plat, but I'm not taking a chance on my PS5's health, especially since getting a new one would be impossible and repair times could also be quite lengthy.

walken7145d ago

Spider-Man worked flawlessly for me. MM I got stuck inside a building after jumping off a "helicopter thing" later in the game and had to hard reset. I platinumed both on my PS5. I have the disc version and the MM disc. I also didn't have my external HDD hooked to the system at the time.

JustTheFax145d ago

@walken7 Yeah I got stuck inside some building geometry too and had to reset. It was a church tower I believe. I saved the video from it. No HDD hooked up to my console right now, and it was the digital version of Spiderman that I got with MM (for only $35!)

unique1rg144d ago

Contact Sony. I had same problem with both spiderman games. Completely unplayable. Constant hard crashes. It's your console. I shipped mine off for "repair" had a new one 2 days later and it hadn't crashed once in either spiderman. It's the console. I think some batches are just broke

Eidolon144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Wait they have new ones standing by? Where's my PS5 😡😡😡

Daeloki144d ago

Holdup what are you on about? I've finished MM and then played quite a bit (not quite platinum yet) and not once has the game crashed. The odd bug/glitch here or there sure, but even those were rare.

SyntheticForm144d ago

What am I on about?

I'm on about an issue that occurred while playing MM on my PS5.

Your success testimony is nice, but it doesn't negate my experience.

Berenwulf144d ago

I just got the platinum trophy and the game never crashed...

SyntheticForm144d ago

That's a good thing and I'm glad you had that experience, Berenwulf.

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SullysCigar145d ago

Great game - any further fixes are always welcome!

Cyb3r145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

I bought Spiderman Miles Morales at launch for my PS5 it hard crashed my console 6 times and after the first PS5 Console Software Update I could play for a few minutes and then Miles would fall through the ground both on the city roads and on top of buildings depending on my which save I loaded I couldnt take it any more so I traded the game in. I never had this issue with Demons Souls,GodFall or Call Of Duty. Spiderman Miles Morales is the only PS5 game that caused me issues

slayernz144d ago

weird i got MM and remastered at launch too, played through them both and platinumed both of them....not once did i have it crash on me at all through either game.....

144d ago
zahdab144d ago

Was Takemura not calling in Spiderman as well ?!

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