GamesRadar: Grand Theft Auto IV PC Review

GamesRadar writes: "Of all the extensions of experience that games provide, from puzzle-exploits with cartoon unicorns to unrepentant radioactive horrors, it's the sandbox gangster sims of the GTA series that are the most voluminous and detailed. These open-ended tales within modern cities come complete with their own world: a world of fisticuffs, automotive action, gunplay, fashion, romance, intrigue, comedy, lunacy, drunkenness – the GTA games are more than the sum of their substantial parts."

You'll love

* Greatest virtual city ever made
* Full of laughs, deaths, and accents
* Even prettier on PC

You'll hate

* Not easily beaten
* Lacking features from previous GTAs
* Seemingly endless driving

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bumnut3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )


gta4 is pretty crap, its like they took everything that was great about gta and threw it away.

theEnemy3703d ago

Go call Roman, and ask for a cab.


Call an ordinary cab.

That's the best addition of GTA:IV to the GTA franchise IMO.

Fastest way to get from point A to B.