Capcom Updates Sales of Resident Evil 3, Iceborne, & More; COVID Impact on Development "Negligible"

Following up on the announcement of its latest financial results, Capcom hosted a presentation and published its slides with more details.

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fsfsxii176d ago

bruh why is R3make selling so well, its the worst game of 2020 if it wasn't for cyberpunk

ocelot07176d ago

Because it's good? I mean it might be short but it's not at all bad.

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Jivesh176d ago

There's a hottake for you

Shinox176d ago

Resident Evil name sells .. whether its half assed / bad or short derps will eat it

Minimox16176d ago

I dont think Operation Raccoon City or Umbrella corps. sell well :P

mark_parch175d ago

Because it's constantly in a deep sale. Just last week it was about £15 on xbox and it was £15 in the christmas sale

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Shinox176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

From the bottom of my broken heart , Fuck you Capcom and Fuck Peter Fabiano :)

Kason35176d ago

Just imagine if they were too announce Res 4 Remake sells would be spectacular.