'The Medium' review: An innovative Xbox console exclusive with 1 terrifying flaw | Inverse

The Medium ultimately stumbles because of its weak script, but it’s worth loading up as an early-gen novelty.

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Ninver785d ago

Ouch. Not exactly the score I was expecting. Seems like forever since xbox had a goty contender.

PS-Gamer-1986785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Their whole lineup reeks of mediocrity. Only one gem every couple of years in a sea of boredom and stinkers. It is unbelievable. If someone had told me in the early and mid 2000's that xbox would become this way i would have called him an idiot, because i was i huge fan of the og and early 360. But here we are

Si-Fly785d ago

I know what you mean but we did have an amazing new Ori game last year and Flight Simulator was ace too so things are looking up.

Ninver785d ago

Somewhere along the way the higher ups got greedy and sacrificed quality for profit. Just how I see it.

SpineSaw784d ago

What's funny is you say...... "If someone had told me in the early and mid 2000's that xbox would become this way i would have called him an idiot".....
I agree 100% with your comment but the funny thing is the vast majority of Xbox fanboy apologists think that your the idiot and you just hate Xbox.

PS-Gamer-1986784d ago (Edited 784d ago )


They are right though . I just hate what xbox has become.

So much wasted potential by on of the richest companies on the planet. If they were dedicated enough in the past, they could AT LEAST be on par with sony in the console business when it comes to popularity - maybe even have a majority of the market on lock. Think about kind of games all they COULD have made with their deep pockets, but they mostly prefer a low effort-high profit model. And don't let me even start about gamepass😒

Wintersun616784d ago


That's just the thing. They don't have the passion that would drive their studios to make the best games. They can hire all the talent money can buy, but as long as the people in charge of Xbox are in it only for the money, they'll never be the top dog in this industry. They just don't understand nor have what it takes to pull it off. Throwing money around and seeing if it sticks just doesn't work when you're up against people who actually love what they're doing and understand this industry.

784d ago
SpineSaw784d ago


I can't disagree with a thing you've said. I to was onboard with the OG Xbox it was a great system that Microsoft bailed on waaaay to soon just to get the Xbox360 to market before Sony or Nintendo released their next gen system. Now the stunt worked and worked well but I call it a stunt because Microsoft's only and best moves seems to be stunts that they can't follow up on with good moves and IMO the only good move that counts is great games and for whatever reason Microsoft just can't or dont want to figure that out. They to me seem to want to get ahead by putting money into services, controller colors and the most powerful consoles but until they have must play games they'll always be 3rd fiddle in the console band. Now to be fair Xbox makes a lot of money for Microsoft with what they do but they could be making Nintendo and PlayStation money which would be sooooo much more than Xbox brings in now.

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CaptainHenry916785d ago

It's not an Microsoft first party exclusive though

Bruh785d ago Show
LucasRuinedChildhood785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

That doesn't really matter. The point is, their exclusive lineup has been mostly mediocre for a decade. And besides, Microsoft traditionally relied VERY heavily on third parties for exclusives, e.g. original Gears Of War games, Alan Wake, Sunset Overdrive, Rise, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect (before EA made it multiplatform), Titanfall 1, Left 4 Dead, etc.

Ninver785d ago

I see. I wasn't aware. In that case it doesn't count.

UltraNova784d ago

Neither was The Order but we know who got blamed.

Welshy784d ago

Here we go, is this going to be the new narrative now?

Ninja Theory have dropped Bleeding Edge after it flopped and apparently it "wasn't an xbox game", now I'm seeing those comments in mediocre Medium reviews.

Going forward are all the studios who were acquired by MS not making "Xbox games" since they technically aren't made by 1st party?

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784d ago
SullysCigar785d ago

It's biggest flaw seems to be how boring it is.

SierraGuy784d ago

That and the incredible amount of stuttering on series x that even digital foundry pointed out.

Si-Fly785d ago

Animation is laughable in the 5 minutes I played this evening, more Xbox 2001 era than 2021.

iplay1up2785d ago

I played over 2 hours. I liked it. It is a fixed camera angle, but it is FRESH. 5 minutes? 🤣😂🤣 28514;😭

Si-Fly785d ago

It takes less than 30 seconds to see how janky the animation of the character is, it’s not much better than an old Resident Evil game🤷🏼‍♀️

784d ago
Father__Merrin785d ago

This game is being unfairly judged because its old school gameplay with a modern dual reality twist

Sgt_Slaughter785d ago

"Unfairly" aka you just disagree with the score.

SDuck784d ago

Bad on him for having an opinion

Rachel_Alucard785d ago

It's completely fair to judge when a dev decides to combine 20 year old designs with modern day hardware.

Kurt Russell785d ago

I am about 2 hours in now. I am enjoying it, but there is no denying it is just a fair to middling game. Fine for a short term distraction. It lives up to its title put it that way.

Thundercat77785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Unfairly judged was The Last of Us 2 by all the media and Xbox fans and what happened? It ended up breaking records and becoming the game with the most GOTY awards in history!

If a game is good, it will rise by its own merits despite being unfairly judged. This game is just a gamepass filler.

784d ago
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