Digital Spy: Guitar Hero: World Tour Review

Digital Spy writes: "Nobody could have predicted the success of Guitar Hero when it was released almost three years ago. Rhythm action games were a fairly niche market at the time and a game bundled with a 'gimmicky plastic' guitar didn't look like it would change this. Fortunately for gamers this gimmicky plastic guitar would revolutionise the genre and suddenly wannabe rock stars sprang forth in their thousands. When Harmonix split from Activision to create Rock Band - a game that would utilise drums, guitars and vocals - it looked as though Guitar Hero would be overshadowed. Rock Band however, wasn't perfect. It was close, but it suffered from a few gameplay and manufacturing faults that would have to be addressed if it was to pry away Guitar Hero's army of existing fans. Unfortunately for Harmonix, Guitar Hero has come out of the shadows and World Tour contains a full set of instruments which look as though they've been designed with Rock Band's faults in mind."

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