The Yakuza Remastered Collection (Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One) Review - CGMagazine

The Yakuza Remastered Collection gives the three mainline PS3-era Yakuza titles a much fresh coat of next-gen 1080p60 paint on Xbox and brings the Kiryu Kazama saga one step closer to completion on the Xbox platform.

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Darkwatchman234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

This was pretty disappointing as the 3-5 collection is PS4 Pro enhanced and 3 was native 4K but 4 and 5 seemed to run at a lower resolution so I was hoping these would step it up, but they aren’t even One X enhanced.

I started up Yakuza 4 and the second I saw the in-game visuals after the opening pre-rendered video file, I couldn’t believe my eyes 🤢it looks real REAL bad in terms of image quality. Has to be 1080p Max. Could possibly even be 900p considering all the previous Yakuza’s were 900p on the base Xbox One.

I wasn’t expecting any Series X enhancements, though that would have been nice(possibly internally rendering at 6K) but damn. I was hoping native 4K across the collection, but it looks like a rushed port job that didn’t take the time to do anything for One X.