Is Ubisoft the Right Developer to Take on A Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Recently, Lucasfilm Games announced Ubisoft would take the reigns of the Star Wars franchise and develop an open-world RPG. While this may seem all well and good, it is important to remember that second to EA, Ubisoft is the company most well known for its reliance on micro-transactions.

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Knightofelemia81d ago

If Nintendo can trust Ubisoft with Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle then Lucasfilm Games should trust them to. It is really hard to tell how Star Wars will be with Ubisoft until the game is actually built and released. I know they have some buggy games like Unity but they are a good developer.

demonseye81d ago

i would say you are right, but the last star wars game EA released was actually good. just thought it was a bit to short but it was a really good game.

Flawlessmic81d ago

Agreed, i really enjoyed the fallen order however it came to little to late from EA, so im happy ither devs now have an oppurtunity to make stars wars games.

I just hope we get good single player asories and not multiplayer crap

slayernz80d ago

i just finished fallen order - i only played it because i was scratching around for a game to play and saw it was on ea play so gave it a shot.....and man i thoroughly enjoyed it, had a great time playing through it, hopefully respawn get to do a sequel!

NeoGamer23280d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I wish people would quit judging games before they ever see them or by who is making them.

Give Ubisoft the chance to surprise us.

If it is a great game people will buy it, if it isn't then Ubisoft didn't do a good job and will pay the price because gamers won't buy it.

But, judging whether or not they are capable before we know anything about the game is just plain wrong.

If Naughty Dog was announced as making a Star Wars game it would've already be 10's across the board and people would be saying it was the greatest game ever made. Yes, their reputation for making great games is good, but they should be judged on what they create, not their reputation, or who they are.

monkey60281d ago

No but let them at it, They arent the worst either. The licence should be open to whoever wants to try. EA squandered it for long enough

ShadowKing-81d ago

Yeah, let any developer try and then the let the feedback and sale numbers tell the story. Whichever Developer or Developers even bring in the most sales/revenue then they deserve the license. Trust me the star wars fans will let you know.

CoNn3rB81d ago

The thing about Ubisoft is they are more than capable of making great games but they are also very capable of making derivative games as well. Their inconsistency can make them a wild card when it comes to any project

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The story is too old to be commented.