PS5 and Xbox supplier AMD expects supply issues ‘until the second half of the year’

Demand for the consoles is expected to outstrip supply for the foreseeable future…

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Good-Smurf77d ago

I made the right decision to do HDD mod on my old PS2 knowing I won't be able to get PS5 anytime soon but didn't expect it to be this long.
Well as least I won't have shortage of games 'till they sorted out the supply issue.
I'm thinking about selling my PS4 to aid my saving for PS5.

Profchaos77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Nice I've thought about doing this to but wanted to experiment with network booting PS2 images from a Nas.

fsfsxii77d ago

only thing I hate about doing that on PS2 is that I'd find a game that interests me but the transfer speed even on cable is atrocious, not to mention the hassle of working with ancient networking protocols, but once everything was set it was a very very good experience.

Father__Merrin77d ago

Ridiculous I really want a ps5 but I guess Il have to wait. Happy with series S so far problem is if I can't get a ps5 till Xmas 21 I would have invested too much time into xbox eg call of duty cold War etc so Il have to see

darthv7276d ago

So... you're worried that if you dont get a PS5 you will end up playing more xbox??? What's so wrong with that?

agnosticgamer76d ago

If you really want one... wait until May/June if you have the money you will have a chance way before the holiday shopping time frame.

OB1Biker76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Hard to find doesnt mean impossible to find. Keep trying. It will slowly get better.

curtain_swoosh77d ago

again, how is this even happening?
how did nobody anticipate the demand lol. i know we have covid to partially blame but .. i mean come on.
but, i was already set on getting mine on my bday in june, cause its near impossible to get one now anyways.

Fist4achin76d ago

Boy, all those lucky bots get to enjoy their ps5s. I'm glad I'm patient and have a backlog to chip through.

hiawa2376d ago

Or those who secured both consoles alternatively.

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The story is too old to be commented.