The Division 2 Next-Gen Support for 4K, 60fps Coming Next Week

Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division 2 next-gen support is scheduled for February 2, 2021! This will bring TU12.1 and 4K, 60fps support for next-gen.

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masterfox77d ago

interesting might get it, currently at 9 bucks in the PS Store.

Sniperwithacause77d ago

It's worth it.
If you do get it, add me! PSN: Sniperwithacause

SUPERMOORE102577d ago

I got it myself. I will add you

excaliburps77d ago

Definitely worth it at that price. The main complaint most had with it was it wasn't that differnt from The Div 1.

Dirtnapstor77d ago

A worthy buy, especially for $9. Get the expansion as well. This game is really good.

BenRC0177d ago

Should be ftp like destiny 2. Has I changed much since launch? Burned out pretty fast when I bought it at launch.

Nitrowolf277d ago

I think its def worth a shot for them to explore that route, but then that probably mean they need to extend the life of it even more. not sure they have those plans

Darkborn77d ago

I really think they need to make a game like their open world stars wars game truly next gen. The division 2 wasn't all that great due to it being basically the same as the division and still didn't have some of the initial promised features of the first game.

Ju77d ago

That game was on special so often that it has paid for itself a long time ago in my books

DaveZero77d ago

Game is much better now, so much to do and they have the next event which is a resident evil event soon.

Lexreborn277d ago

I am hurting that I missed both the Sony direct AND the GameStop pre-orders for PS5. I sat in that online queue for an hour and a half. This is getting ridiculous

QSPR77d ago

If you don't have it yet, get it now. It is on sale until February 2 on PS Store.

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The story is too old to be commented.