Tencent Acquiring Minority Stake in Dontnod Entertainment

Chinese gaming conglomerate Tencent will be investing €30 million to acquire a minority stake in Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment.

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Notellin37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Cool. I won't play their games unless they're free to me from now on.

Inverno37d ago

Wellp add that to the list of devs not to buy anything from. Maybe I'm overreacting, but Tencent can fly right off

-Foxtrot37d ago

Why? Can they please just f*** off

These companies are why big companies bow down to China

It sounds silly to be like "I'm not supporting them in the future" but do we really want more live service things, MTs, Loot boxes an other money grabbing shit. Remember how innocent DLC was once upon a time.

phoenixwing37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I buy dlc from time to time when it's decent like in The Witcher 3 but I share your sentiment. I grew up when gaming was in its infancy and now it feels like dlc is the name of the game and not something that happened after the fact. Also I'm wary of Chinese companies due to how controlling China is. Oh wait I confused China with America...oh wait.. it's so hard to tell the difference these days lol (laughing only because that's about all there is to do)

Deathdeliverer37d ago

Have they created anything that was as good as life as strange was since? Next question is how tf are these Chinese companies on such a spending spree? I swear that money seeming endless.

blacktiger37d ago

Tencent buying America after Biden won. NICE!

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