Raji: An Ancient Epic Review – Hearty Hinduism | Vamers

Raji: An Ancient Epic proves it is worthy of its title. It is often easy to think of an indie title as good looking; or with masterful platforming segments in levels that make sense given the story. However, it is extremely rare for an indie title to have all those facets combined in a single package. At its core, gameplay may be uninteresting, but this entire facet allows for something way more important: world building. Raji also finds an incredible boon in its excellent voice over work and sound design, which is especially true for supporting characters like Durgu. Where Raji absolutely shines, however, is in its exceptional narrative. It combines level design and storytelling in beautiful ways that not only teaches, but also moves the plot forward. Raji: An Ancient Epic may not be a big triple-A hit, but it most certainly is a title that deserves to be experienced.

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