The Medium Review — An Imbalance | DualShockers

Despite its technical prowess and stunning visuals, The Medium is a drag. From slow, uninteresting gameplay to a confusing and poorly executed story, Bloober Team's latest makes for a good tech demo, but not much else.

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SullysCigar146d ago

It's like they named the game based on anticipated critical reception.

solideagle145d ago

5.5/10 DualShockers vs 9/10 Gamespot

and on the other hand

9.5/10 XboxAddict
9.3/10 SomosXbox
9/10 Generación Xbox
9/10 TheXboxHub
8.5/10 Xbox Tavern

such a drastic difference in score lol whom should one believe?

Flewid638145d ago

Probably the ones that don't say Xbox as those would be bias.

Reviews from sites that cover all games and not just one platform. Those are the ones you should believe.

Thundercat77146d ago

Seems to be the general consensus on the majority of the reviews.

pedrof93146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

No it dosen't, and you know that 😆

potatoseal146d ago

@ Pedro

It's 72 metacritic and will probably get to 71.

That is a general consensus

Kabaneri146d ago

I'm not surprised considering that Layers of Fear and Blair Witch were both mediocre games.

TheRealTedCruz146d ago

I thought Layers of Fear 1 and 2 were pretty good. Observer, and its remaster, was fantastic.

SullysCigar146d ago

What's fun is watching all the 'usual' sites throwing praise at this game. Xbox sites are chucking around scores like 95/100 and acting like it's the second coming of Christ in game form lol

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