Capcom Condemns Gacha and Loot Boxes in New Report

Capcom has recently released their 2020 annual report, where they condemned "gacha-like loot boxes" because they want users to safely enjoy their products.

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Knightofelemia79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

You say that now but it will change further down the road once you get a taste of that loot box money you will be addicted to it like EA.

oof678179d ago

Don't they have gacha games like Rockman X: Dive? lol

Rachel_Alucard79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

RockMan X Dive has this insane model where you have to roll 250 times to get a guaranteed drop and you only get like around 20 rolls a month. Teppen has a paid only gacha with insane RNG as well. Not to mention Monster hunter riders. There is also that DMC mobile game that's coming to. They are just talking out of their ass to please investor relations.

LucasRuinedChildhood79d ago

A big publisher coming out and saying this is a very good thing for the industry, although even EA and Activision have been moving away from loot boxes in most of their games to Battle Passes. Sports games are probably stuck with loot boxes forever though

Godmars29079d ago

Is this the same Capcom that intends to lock "hard mode" for the next RE behind a paywall?

Nerdmaster79d ago

You can play the "very hard mode" once you beat the game. It's not locked behind a paywall.

Sonyslave379d ago

Looking at you geshin impact 😐😐

lodossrage79d ago

at least genshin impact is a free to play game. Th bigger issue is that you have full priced games pulling it

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