GameZone: Eternal Poison Review

Whether or not you let the game's little flaws bother you, there's no denying that Eternal Poison is a unique, visually striking game, and the tactical gameplay is deep and engaging. While the PS2 might not be the most powerful system on the block, Eternal Poison shows that it's still the king when it comes to strategy-RPGs.

Gameplay 8.3
Graphics 8
Sound 8.5
Difficulty Hard
Concept 8.8
Overall 8.3

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thebudgetgamer3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

let me find out the best rpgs this year are on the ps2 lol


truehunter3698d ago

Difficulty Hard
O man i guess ill need to get ready for that.

I bought this game still havent open it yet. Man to many games litto time.