Because You Asked: My 'Tomb Raider' Thoughts

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Reader Niallalot saw me writing about "Tomb Raider: Underworld" in my last couple of Diary entries and wrote: "Now hold on just a minute - did Lara's latest really leave you so non-plussed? For shame."

Niallot, because you asked, here's how I felt about "Tomb Raider: Underworld," which I finished on Sunday:

Yes, it was my first "Tomb Raider." I didn't love it. The game had me cursing at my TV, even. Why? Since it was my first adventure with Lara Croft, it's hard for me to say if my problem was specific to "Underworld" or to the series.

I wanted to play Lara as an athlete. She animates like one in "Underworld." But I also hoped that her adventures would be as exciting as those of Indiana Jones. That's where Lara and I stumbled."

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