X-Play Holiday Buyers Guide: PS3 Games

X-Play helps you pick out the best games for the PS3 this holiday season.

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gameraxis3699d ago

am i the only one who loves motorstorm 2??

what more can people (who never mention it) want from an off road racer??
oh well, nobody else needs to enjoy it for me to still love it, merry Christmas to all!!, happy gamming

barom3699d ago

I love it, I just don't love off-road racing in general so I can't justify the 60$ price tag. Anyway 1up also loves it. Gave it an A- and A and B+ I think.

Esena3699d ago

I actually am looking forward to getting motorstorm 2 this Christmas. That Prince of Persia and Valkyria Chronicles.

Motorstorm 2 just seems like its a great overall game, but an excellent game to pick up and play when you have some time to spare.

Definitely should have been on this list.