Balan Wonderworld Demo Hands-On Impressions - A Muddled And Confused 3D Platformer Out Of Time - PSU

From PSU: "Balan Wonderworld PS5 & PS4 Demo Hands-On Impressions – Balan Wonderworld is a strange, strange game from the demo which I have spent the last week playing. Trying to capture the spirit of 1990s and 2000s 3D platformers and with a development team headed by Sonic and Nights creator, Yuji Naka, the entire concept of Balan Wonderworld being made in 2021 is strange.

The problem here though is that the game doesn’t feel like something from 2021. From my 90 minutes with the demo, Balan Wonderworld looks to be archaic, far too easy, and a game that has far better competition releasing today.

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Kerppamaister34d ago

Is it like a spiritual successor for something or a sequel or is there an anime or something? Seems like people were really excited when it was announced, which I thought it was a sequel...