IGN: Grand Theft Auto IV PC Review

IGN writes: "Rockstar's vivid tale of Niko Bellic, an immigrant with convictions powerful enough to rocket him through the crumbling substructures of Liberty City's world of organized crime, is now out on PC. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games shipped this past April, and with this one you'll find a few alterations and additions those who waited are sure to appreciate. Despite what's been put in, if you've already played the console versions it's hard to recommend picking this one up, even though it now includes space for up to 32 players in its multiplayer matches and a robust, easy to use replay editor for recording and fashioning clips from your in-game actions.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise rocketed to mass popularity after Grand Theft Auto III's release and the ground rules were set for a different style of game. Since then we've seen slight alterations and tweaks to the core formula with Vice City and San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV represents another step forward. This is a game that strips down a lot of the more zany challenges from games past. You won't be doing any remote control helicopter missions or lowrider matching challenges here. Instead, the focus is on realism, a more mature sensibility, and bringing GTA into the present day."

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ngg123453697d ago

Can Ign now change the old gta 4 reviews. Terrible, Terrible game..

Timesplitter143697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I think they're all worth 9.2

Doppy3697d ago

This is what the 360 and PS3 versions should have got back in April. It's a very good game, but not a 10.

badz1493697d ago

9.2 to 9.5 is a fair score for GTAIV since day one. The things R* has done in it is indeed amazing but nowhere near perfect. up till this day, GTAIV still lacking what made the previous GTAs awesome! - the FUN! I can't believe I'll ever unfinish a GTA game before since I played all GTAs including the PSP's until GTAIV came even with the trophies!! I even found Tomb Raider Underworld more fun to play than GTAIV! Don't blame/flame me, I'm just a gamer and I play for FUN while GTAIV is full of boring!

JHUX3696d ago

Agreed badz, although I enjoyed and finished the story line, like I have with every other GTA game that has existed (except portables), after I beat the story I was left with nothing to do... The rampages were not nearly as fun as the old games with the awesome weapons, nothing to do with my money, except buy more non-fun weapons, and after those two things I have no motivation to continue playing and 100% the game like I did with the previous ones. If they provide free DLC of the things that make GTA what it is.. then I will probably go back and play it, but if they try to charge me for a chain saw and a some swords well then F that..

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snipermk03697d ago

Well, the reason GTA 4 is getting lower scores than the console GTA 4 is cos its out 8 months late and nothing new over enhanced graphics and a built-in editor.

Cyrus3653697d ago

How is that not worth the same if not a higher score than the original. Bioshock for PS3 came out recently, and it was essentially the same game, and it got the same score for the most part.

Elven63697d ago

Odds are all these reviewers played the console versions, it won't have the same effect on PC since it would be their second playthrough and not a "fresh one".

TheIneffableBob3697d ago

BioShock is an odd one. Games that come later usually receive lower scores. For example, Gears of War. The PC version is superior to the 360 version but the PC version received lower scores.

Timesplitter143697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Good stories are more enduring than free-roaming.

Creating chaos in the streets of GTA gets boring after a while.

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Fruit Loops3697d ago

it shouldn't have got that 10 back in april, this score sounds more reasonable.

Cajun Chicken3697d ago

The modding scene, just watch it.
This could be the best version of GTAIV in a few months time.

TheIneffableBob3697d ago

It already is. Better graphics, video editor, 32-player multiplayer, more customization options (clothing and stuff), and more. They just need to patch out those performance issues.

The mod scene will only distance the PC version even further from its console counterparts.

Strife Lives3697d ago

Of everything we EXPECTD to find,that San Andreas had and Rockstar just left out,this would be a long post.So,I'll just say.Because we were led to believe EVERYthing except planes were going to be in.I give this game 8,9/10.maybe a bit lower.I give it a whole 1 more than I feel it deserves because the bankrobbing mission was cool.

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