The Game Deflators E116 | Is the Gaming Community Toxic?

Retiring e-sports players, Joy Con Drift and the dangers of a toxic gaming community on this week’s episode of the Game Deflator’s podcast. This week John and Ryan look at gaming from a different lens, for better or worse.

To cap off the episode and keep up with the excitement of the NFL playoffs, the Game Deflators tackle some Blitz the League 2 on the PS3. In what seems to be the last game of the Blitz era, how well does this Madden/Blitz hybrid play out?

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ZeekQuattro72d ago

When a dev can receive death threats for delaying a game or for saying a game will be exclusive to a particular platform I'd have to say yes.

Vanfernal72d ago

All fandoms have a level of toxicity. Anything people are passionate about will bring out toxic fanatics that give the rest a bad name.

zenintude72d ago

Short answer: yes

Long answer: yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss