Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch Console and Pro Controller

CAPCOM and Nintendo just announced that a Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch console and Pro Controller will release alongside game. At the moment, these are only confirmed for Japan.

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ZeekQuattro36d ago

Another nail in the coffin for the fabled Switch Pro if you ask me. A Zelda Switch will probably be announced next.

Jeriphro36d ago

I agree, but I cannot be too mad. This Monster Hunter Rise console looks awesome!

Neonridr36d ago

I mean there's nothing wrong with special edition consoles, they happen all the time. Especially in Japan.

ZeekQuattro35d ago

Never said there was anything wrong with them. My problem is people keep talking about what sounds more like a Switch successor instead of a New Switch. Its like Nintendo struggling to produce enough Switch's for most of 2020 is long forgotten. When Rise was announced Pro rumored heated up even more only for it to culminate in another Switch V2 color variant. Mario is also getting one after it was delayed into this year. The Switch also shows no signs of slowing down so I don't see Nintendo trying to put out a whole new Switch to combat slumping sales. But hey if one comes out I'll gladly buy it and retire my launch Switch. I just don't see it happening.

StonieWylder35d ago

How is that a nail in the coffin? It’s literally a special edition console, nothing more. Every major console maker ships these out for near every big game that comes out on that console

Zhipp35d ago

There was even a special edition Cyberpunk Xbox One X just before the Series X launched. I don't think this proves anything one way or the other.

King_Noctis35d ago

Zelda Switch would be a great way to celebrate the anniversary year of Zelda.

ZeekQuattro35d ago

I expect an even bigger celebration for Zelda. Nintendo has pushed LOZ more and more these last few years.

zacfoldor35d ago

I guess we'll see. If they do ever release a pro with upscaling to 4k, watch out console sales records. Just saying.

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Milkshake21235d ago

It's all joy until the scalpers get their hands on this.

Knightofelemia35d ago

Would be worth collecting it looks pretty good I have never played a Monster Hunter game before

GameBoyColor35d ago

Oh man it looks good. I can't justify getting this when my v1 switch still works though lol. I'll just save for the inevitable upgraded version.

Jurat35d ago

The Rise demo runs surprisingly well on my launch Switch. Looking forward to release.

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