Mortal Kombat Tournament Player Disqualified For Moveset Name

Xfire reports "Companies have an unfortunate tendency to occasionally react to minor situations with comically overwhelming force, thereby making a "thing" out of it, drawing infinitely more ire and controversy, as opposed to simply letting it slide. Case in point: NetherRealm removed a finalist from an official Mortal Kombat 11 match recently for having a very minor criticism baked into a custom moveset."

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garos8277d ago

its funny how the edgiest game of all time gets offended by such minor tripe

CorndogBurglar77d ago

It wasn't even an offensive name....unless you're Netherrealm I guess lol. He named his Sheeva moveset "WhyWouldNRSDoThis", in reference to Sheeva's nearly unblockable/unavoidable air stomp move.

I mean look, they programmed a character to have a totally broken move that very few characters in the whole game can even avoid, then allow that character to be used in a tournament, then ban someone for calling it out? Totally weak move on NRS' part.

Furesis77d ago

wait for real? NRS lost a little respect from me with that move

isarai77d ago

Really, how the hell is that worth a DQ? Just petty🤦‍♂️

Highrevz77d ago

Gamers have a tendency to speak out when there’s unbalanced moves,weapons or characters and rightfully so.

I’m sure there’s some T&C the player broke by using that name but banning him has only brought more attention to the original issue at hand.

There sacrifice will result in the move being addressed sooner no doubt, fair play to him/her

CorndogBurglar77d ago

Yeah but they didn't even give him a chance to change it. They just banned him mid-match. He didn't even know. And the thing is, I'm sure NRS knows that move is broken. The community has made it very clear. They shouldn't have allowed Sheeva in the tournament in that state.

SmokinAces77d ago

I dont get it how was the name an issue can someone please explain it?

ZeekQuattro77d ago

Someone at NRS doesn't like honest criticism and banned the player because of it. It was petty.

77d ago
sourOG76d ago

Lmao that was way less harsh than I was imagining. What a pathetic move by NRS. I think that dude deserves an apology.

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