Capcom’s Resident Evil Multiplayer Initiative Feels Out of Touch

Twinfinite "Re:Verse actually looks less compelling than Resident Evil: Resistance, Capcom's last ill-fated multiplayer spin-off nobody asked for."

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Sonic-and-Crash79d ago

and guess what is not only multiplayer out of touch

CrimsonWing6979d ago

It's just weird they won't listen to fans about Outbreak. Like how much less work would it be to port that and add trophies? That's the Resident Evil MP they should be trying to focus on.

-Foxtrot78d ago

Co-Op - RE5/RE6
Operation Raccoon City
Umbrella Corps
RE Resistance

They just don’t get it do they

Yet Outbreak, the ONE game that was built up for co-op / online play they don’t give a shit about. It boggles my mind.

The only extra feature they should allow online play is the Mercenaries, up to 4 players with a range of modes like a no time limit mode.

curtain_swoosh78d ago

ill have you know, resident evil 5 co op and parts of 6, is mad fun.
i cant tell you how many times ive played with my cousins to get us all the platin trophy in 5.

i do agree with the rest tho.
operation raccoon city was such a dark game that i never saw anything and it had horrible connectivity issues.

-Foxtrot78d ago

It might be fun for co-op fans but it ruined the game from its full potential, it wasn’t needed, it ruined it for single player fans and it wasn’t scary because of it

If they did what they were going to do in the RE4.5 concept art it could have been fantastic

Highlife78d ago

Strongly disagree with res 5 on your list. It was great playing with my wife. The others sure.

Flawlessmic78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I dont understand why devs try to shoe horn multiplayer into everything.

I mean i get plenty of people love online but theres also a lot of people like me that that just want story single player games, no multiplayer modes needed just focus on making the sp mode the best it can be.

curtain_swoosh78d ago

chance for microtransactions i would assume. but who knows.

SamPao78d ago

Let them try it. Meybe they do one that is pretty nice. Thats how thongs are done :P
I mean you ready get a nice SP anyway

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