IGN: Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell Review

IGN writes: "Tinker Bell is one of those extremely marketable characters that Disney has been milking for years. It's actually a little surprising that it's taken this long for her to get her own movie, toy line and video game tie in. For her Nintendo DS debut she got the treatment from Genius Sonority, Pokemon spinoff veterans. Tinker Bell's game is a cute brightly colored title that turns out to be shallow and a pain in the neck. So it's a lot like the fairy herself.

You remember Tinker Bell, Peter Pan's tiny fairy friend. She was a bit of a brat and didn't speak, but she gets credit for providing the pixie dust that helped the characters learn to fly (before trying to murder Wendy in a jealous rage). Disney recently released a straight to DVD film about Tinker Bell's origins. Apparently she used to be able to talk just fine, and she was a lot less of a beyotch. The fairies of Neverland are responsible for changing the seasons, and as Tinker Bell you help with the preparations for the approaching season."

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