Expect To See Plenty Of Games Like Genshin Impact And Among Us In 2021, Says Google Play Boss

Both titles prove there's a lot of room for growth in the world of mobile gaming.

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phoenixwing78d ago

the reason genshin impact is so good is because the controls are translated well on to consoles and pc. the moment it plays like some crappy mobile game the moment it'll fail imo

78d ago
Vits78d ago

I'm not so sure about Genshin Impact. For sure it showed that a more "console" approach to gameplay can work with traditional "mobile" monetization. However GI was built with a budget that mirror a AAA production and therefore I doubt that we will see "plenty" of games trying to emulate it.

JBit9278d ago

Genshin Impact proved expensive mobile games recoup development costs and turn a massive profit. Maybe other developers will see that and follow in its footsteps.

Vits78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Even if that was the case. Just by development time alone the chance of another Genshin Impact in 2021 is very slim. The game had so far 3 years of development and in the current pace is likely to stay in development for half a decade more.

Positivelypositive 77d ago

I liked genshin impact at the start but it quickly began to feel like a grind fest. I also do not enjoy the whole always online thing which just feels like a way to them to use a FTP MMO style store. I am pretty anti characters having the possibility of randomly rolling two or one star and being weaker then they should be for no reason at all. I would take a real single player action jrpg over this style any day of the week and I know that does not matter because this is the future of how they will nickel and dime us even more for gaming. WAY to much gatekeeping in this game.