Cyberpunk 2077 Gets First Official Tools to Support Modding

Today Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt RED released the first wave of tools to support mod creation for the game.

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dangerousbrian036d ago

We all know what will happen & what a lot of fans will do they will go in & do unoffical patches to make the game run better on PC & graphic mods & add other cut things from the game hat is what usually happens

36d ago
gammaray1336d ago

how about just worrying about the next gen update patch instead of this crap

SDuck36d ago

"Just fix the game for us and add the romance options blocked to specific genders. We can't be bothered to"

C-H-E-F36d ago

They need all the help they could get, so might as well enlist in free labor. What's crazy is, alot of companies that put out games like this, could easily have made things better if they offered people of the modding community X amount of money to help assist and finish this stuff. These modders literally do it for free, and do a great job. Then again, I don't know how reliable their code is LOL we just see the end result.

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