Biomutant Release Date Revealed

Biomutant developer Experiment 101 announce the game's release date on official twitter page

monkey6021218d ago

I was only pointing out yesterday that this has been on my Amazon wishlist since 2017 and still had no idea when it was coming out. Glad to finally see a realise date

loxim1217d ago

I've had it on my wishlist just as long and it's awesome to finally have a release date. I really hope it turns out good and not another low quality game that we seem to be getting a lot.

LoveSpuds1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I always got the impression this game had a lot of promise and they don't seem to have rushed it so I feel really optimistic about this title. I don't know that I have experienced a glut of low quality games in general, Cyberpunk was clearly a low point, but otherwise the last year has been fab for games.

Tsushima and TLoU2, Hades, Hitman 3, Ori and stacks of other games have all been of a fantastic quality I think.

1217d ago
-Foxtrot1218d ago

This is one of those games that’s either going to be a great little gem or terrible

RgR1218d ago

Definitely gives that impression...but considering THQ is involved it'll probably be mediocre.

Terry_B1218d ago

Please be good after all.

phoenixwing1218d ago

I hope it is good. I've been wanting it but I can't tell if the gameplay is smooth or not. Will buy it day 2 just as long as it's 7 on up review wise.

Kilua1217d ago

Im not so sure anymore. Was absolutely hyped when this was first shown. Went back to some trailers, and the latest one looks so different to how the game looked from reveal.. there was also a ton of pop in and seemed to lack atmosphere (latest 2020 demo). Im going with very low expectations

Hellcat20201217d ago

I have it mounted to my wall right behind my Tv

SmokinAces1217d ago

I meant in general where are they, you know since they're hard as hell to get.

Kaii1218d ago

Fascinating new IP, looking forward to the release.

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