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WTMG's Leo Faria: "Don’t think Atelier Ryza 2 is a bad game. There are lots of good things in it, in fact. The problem is that I was expecting more from a game with a full-fledged Playstation 5 build. With the exception of the fast loading times, the game doesn’t take advantage of the system’s hardware, resulting in a game that looks dated and runs as well as what I would expect from its Switch port. I wanted for the first JRPG on the PS5 to be the new standard of what to expect from these kinds of games from now on, not a passable port with more issues than similar games released for the PS4."

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JustTheFax33d ago

Damn, I was hoping to enjoy some thick thighs in this game

ZeekQuattro33d ago

I mean you still can if that's all you get out of the game in the first place. Lol

33d ago
kythlyn33d ago

So let me get this straight... the author decided arbitrarily that this specific game had to be a PS5 visual showcase on behalf of all JRPGs, and since it isn't, it scores a 6.5? Seems like an unreasonable expectation to me, especially from this developer.