Dead Movie Franchises That Need Video Game Adaptations

Sometimes movies just can't stop coming out, and sometimes entire franchises just die... but what if they can be revived by a good video game or six?

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Knightofelemia31d ago

Well since LJN is not making shitty movie games for the NES I still wouldn't buy a game based on a movie every other one I have played was crap. Why make a game on National Treasure you all ready have Uncharted and Tomb Raider I really don't want to see a digital face of Nicholas Cage I can't stand him. Only good Robocop game is Robocop vs Terminator, Star Ship Troopers is a great movie I'd be curious on that one. Police Academy I honestly think I would avoid that game the movies are great but with out High Tower and Tackleberry the game would be meh. Die Hard I would want a new movie first before the game I own Die Hard on Saturn it's not a bad game. As for Blade that falls on the lap of Mickey Mouse and Marvel and who knows what they have planned.

sourOG31d ago

I’m a horror buff and I’m rarely scared or get an uneasy feeling, I enjoy it. That said, I couldn’t play a descent game. Claustrophobia is the only thing that can get to me lol.