Gamepyre: Red Alert 3 PC Review

Gamepyre writes: "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Is it just me or does that phrase never gets old?

Well, after a seven year absence, the Russians have arrived once again at your local video game stores. That's right, the Command & Conquer series has finally returned once again with their latest installment, Red Alert 3.

Seeing this title on the store's shelves took me back years ago to some of the most vicious LAN parties that I've ever attended. The warm-up round was usually Doom or Doom 2, followed by hours of patching and trying to get others games to work. After mostly failing, the backup plan was Half-Life or Counterstrike. But the late night battles just about always took place in the form of an RTS, usually Red Alert 2. The memories made me reach for the game, and now, just a few hours later here we are."

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