Xbox 1 Performed better than Xbox 360 During Launch Year?

The following chart from 'VGcharts' indicates that the Xbox 1 sold more during its early months than the Xbox 360 has managed. The figures however don't seem totally accurate, and this isn't really comparing like-for-like as the Xbox 360 was introduced to the market as the only next-gen console (early adopters etc).

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eques judicii4273d ago

The difference is that the 360 had supply problems in the beginning which the original xbox did not suffer from. I think after 2007 the 360 will be selling more than the original xbox in its 2nd year, but maybe not by a lot. Anyhow... this may or may not actually be news considering is actually a site that is consistently up and running.

Shadow Flare4273d ago

...and for whatever reason, xbox 1 sold better than the 360 in its early months but the ps3 has sold better than the ps2 in its early months. That shouldnt be happening considering the high cost of the ps3. Factor in the early adopters or not, playstation has the larger, loyal fanbase

DJ4273d ago

Sales are sales. VGcharts is definitely the most accurate site for sales figures.

CyberSentinel4273d ago

...and thats all that matters to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.