Konami Consolidates Gaming Divisions To Better React to Market

Konami has reorganized its gaming divisions by consolidating them to be more in line with modern practices

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Sonic-and-Crash31d ago

as said before ...Konami probably is quitting heavy Gaming industry (aka consoles ,PC) and focuses on mobile and cheaper free network titles...

Is time for Sony to run first and snatch some IPs ....probably Metal gear and Silent Hill remake are among these deals they bought i guess

Nyxus31d ago

Well they have been hiring last year: https://www.metalgearinform...
Hopefully for something more than a mobile title.

TechRaptor31d ago

Konami is not making gaming - they make a lot of their money there with titles like Pro Evolution Soccer. Additionally, this past year they actually took steps into being a publisher with the Contra game and even another studios indie project and were taking more pitches.

This is the same action that Square and Sega and others did a few years back. Konami is just slow and behind times.

Knightofelemia31d ago


Konami has already given up on the game industry they live on dropping out older titles and living off the royalties. Last new title they dropped was Metal Gear V and that was 6 years ago after that was a Castlevania collection and a Contra collection. They are to busy making pachinko machine to give two shits about the fans who bought their games from PS3-NES. When you saw it was a Konami game you knew it was a great title even on the Genesis and SNES when you saw that Konami load up screen and heard the sound you knew it was a great game.

SpeedDemon31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Metal Gear V wasn't their last new game, Metal Gear Survive came afterwards and as other mention their still releasing sports titles and smaller titles.

DashMad31d ago

who said that ? Nintendo Switch Japan exclusive Momotaro Dentetsu Showa Heisei Reiwa mo Teiban sold 2 milion in a month and no sign of stopping. they still make game it's just that they're not in AAA industry anymore. they still make AA game for switch.

Outlawzz31d ago

Konami still make any good games ?

TheColbertinator31d ago

PES has good gameplay if you are a soccer/football fan. Apart from that no.

Many of their retro fans would respect them if they Remastered their classics properly but Konami ignores them too.

Unknown_Gamer579431d ago

The best thing they've done in years is a trio of collections of some of their retro titles, so you tell me. For what it's worth, those are excellent collections, terms of new stuff? I'm drawing a blank.

CrimsonWing6931d ago

such a shame. I used to love Konami games: Zone of the Enders, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Contra, Metal Gear, Suikoden, and a whole bunch I can't think off the top of my head, like even obscure things like Azure Dreams and even Nano Breaker.

I don't blame them for firing Kojima, but it was definitely not a smart move. Hopefully, Sony or other Publishers can acquire these IPs. They probably won't have the same feel handing it over to different devs, but it's better than them just sitting unused.

Einhander197131d ago

They should better react to making better games. Not the crap they churn out nowadays.

Knightofelemia31d ago

Konami should just sell off their ip's to companies that will actually make use of them so they can just concentrate on pachinko machines. I use to love Konami Turtles in Time, Tiny Toons, Rocket Knight very good memories of the 16bit days. I only collect older Konami games I dropped Konami like they dropped some many gamers who bought their games and helped them become a big name in the gaming industry.

StoneyYoshi30d ago

Honestly they could just do what Disney is doing with Star Wars with going to multiple other publishers/devs to make a game for them but still collect royalties by still owning the IP.

Knightofelemia30d ago

Konami did that with Silent Hill and look how that turned out the studio that built Downpour went broke after it was made.

StoneyYoshi30d ago

"Konami did that with Silent Hill and look how that turned out the studio that built Downpour went broke after it was made."

Poor example considering thats the second game that developer (Vatra games) had ever made. One example of failure doesn't mean this isn't possible. Im talking about handing over the reigns to an actual reputable developer or publisher that didn't exist for only 3 years just to shutdown because the game was crap.

Knightofelemia30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Even so Downpour is a poor game that plays like crap Homecoming is the much better game because Team Silent Hill was involved with it to. We all know that a franchise handed over to another studio can work two ways it can either be good or a mixed bag of nuts. The Coalition has control of Gears of War and the franchise I find it's not as good as it use to be when Epic had it it was great. 343 makes Halo the game franchise another example is still not as good as when Bungie had the franchise. I don't see Konami handing out the SH franchise no matter whether it's Capcom, Sony, or say Sega. I think how Downpour preformed Konami will just sit on the franchise and haul it out here and there for pachinko machines just to hang onto the trademark.

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