Super Mario Galaxy's Switch Port Is A Lesson In What Not To Do When Porting Wii Games

From TheGamer: "It's the year 2007, and the Wii and DS are Nintendo's main consoles. In its newest 3D entry into the Italian platformer giant, menus are operated with motion controls, because simply using the analog stick wouldn't show off the Wii's gimmick. But now it's 2020, and people had hoped for this to be toned down for the Switch port. Yet it failed to deliver, opting to turn the joy-cons into Wii remotes.

All of the motion control aspects of Super Mario Galaxy could be transformed to use other, controller-based elements - they aren't essential to the gameplay, and only served to showcase what the Wii could do. We're not on the Wii for this port, so a change would have worked. The remote and nun-chuck combo doesn't translate to the joy-con in the way that Nintendo likely hoped, let alone the combined joy-con controller, and then there's the handheld. Oddly enough, Nintendo chose to swap the motion controls for touch-screen support which means that you are forced into an awkward tap-dance between joy-cons on the side and screen in the center which, for gameplay elements that combined controller and motion controls, got very tedious."

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Unknown_Gamer579477d ago

TBH, I think Nintendo had their work cut out for them when porting a game that was really designed to be played on the Wii, through and through, and making it work with the various control options on the Switch. It wasn’t made with a handheld in mind, so I think using the touchscreen was the best compromise, even though it isn’t the best way to play.

Tacoboto77d ago

Allowing handheld users to choose between touch screen or motion controls would've been the best compromise, and would actually make sense. The levels with the blue pulley stars flat out suck playing in handheld mode.

Blastoise77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Is it really that difficult though? Just map the wiimote to one of the analog sticks, people have been doing this themselves for the best part of a decade on the dolphin emulator.

I don't understand why Nintendo, who make some of the most responsive platformers ever, insist on these controls nobody wants

CrimsonWing6977d ago

from a corporate standpoint they were geniuses, minimal effort port, artificially created higher demand by labeling it as a limited time release, made bank.

from a consumer standpoint they were straight butt holes. Remember Mario-All Stars on the SNES? Spritework all redid in 16-Bit, yea, guess those days are gone.

QuePasa8776d ago

Haha I still see copies of it on shelves everywhere I go

Positivelypositive 77d ago

I am glad I never played in handheld mode now lol. I have enjoyed the collection so far been playing through them all and am in the middle of 64. My son watching wanted me to play galaxy first so I did. I had no real issues but I never play in handheld mode. I just never enjoyed handheld mode and i feel like the tiny buttons on the joypads where made for people with tiny hands. I greatly prefer my powerA full size controller.

Inverno77d ago

I hope they don't lazy out with Skyword Sword of they make a Zelda collection. Well I hope there's a Zelda collection at all

curtain_swoosh77d ago

oh god, galaxy was really hard and awkward to play with the pro controller.

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