Consumers Lack PS3 Confidence?

It's been over 2 years since each console manufacturer has given us the consumer a choice of a system to buy. You have Microsoft's white behemoth the Xbox 360, the Sony George Forman grill and well the family oriented Nintendo Wii, which is easily trumping the competition and has the biggest lack of software out of both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.


There will be an article on the Xbox 360 tomorrow.

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jack who3696d ago

he Sony George Forman grill

i lol'd

ppthedipshit3696d ago

Talking sh1t again Jack the [email protected]? Would T-Baging Cliffy B's nuts keep you away from the PS3 section?


Ziriux3696d ago

Yea it was hard to write this article, I lol'ed the whole time as well. But it was a nice write I felt open and honest. I love all my system, PS3 the most. MGS4 is just too good.

lokiroo4203696d ago

Pretty desperate and lonely huh, posting your own article. I thin you just took pp's record for being lame away in one swoop.

Nathan Drake3696d ago

Seriously;If you're going to try and take shots at Sony,AT LEAST put some more effort in it,come up with something fresh and unique!

For example;If I were to take a shot at the 360 and the newly released NXE that ended up bringing the RROD news back in full swing,I would say something like "New RROD Experience".It's not the most creative alignment of words,but at least it's something new

season0073696d ago

its good that you have the patience to read it until the word "grill"

ElementX3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

RROD jokes are definitely not "fresh and unique" no matter how you phrase them

WIIIS13696d ago

But RROD is the only ammunition that the Sony camp has against the 360 so it is understandable why they try to be creative in phrasing it.

INehalemEXI3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

If consumers lack confidence why did PS3 sell more systems then the cheaper priced 360 most of the year?

360's Price cut has Increased its sales nicely, yet I as a consumer of both goods If im worried about something its if im going to have to send my 360 in for repair/replacement again. I also worry about all the money going out the window on XBL... I know the update says theres going to be a 360 article of this nature tommorow but Im not planing to give hits...

My 360 never went RRoD , had 2 that scratched discs.....That will make a consumer worry btw.

hazeblaze3696d ago

Lol, this article is so lame... it's funny how many fanboys write articles these days.

ofx3603696d ago

Ha, i beat you all - i got up to the part were he says "...they don’t have a strong software library." Wow, how wrong is that statement. Ps3 has a great library and every exclusive game this year(besides Haze) was a AAA game or pretty dam close. Plus the multiplat. games this year look almost, if not totally, the same on both console(and there are a lot of multiplat. games). The ps3 is a excellent system and will provide me(and any other consumer) with entertainment till the ps4 and maybe beyond(no pun intended).

Agent VX3696d ago

Well, considering that the 360 is outselling the PS3 by more than 2 to 1 worldwide, I think the PS3 has completely lost its steam.

It seems that only diehard Sony supporters have bought the PS3. Everyone else is buying the 360 or Wii.

It's pretty clear that the PS3 will be in last place for a long time, if it every gets out of last place. And that usually mean poor software support, which will not help the PS3 one bit.

harv0523696d ago

Yeah...Why not use Sony's "Monolith"?

ofx3603696d ago

Xbox 360 - 22.5 million
PS3 - 16.84 million
(Worldwide numbers)
Now realize the ps3 came out a year after the 360 and the ps3 has always been at a higher price point. Ps3 has also been quickly catching up to the 360 most of this year FYI

Danja3696d ago

The PS3 has actually passed 18 million

Ilikegames763696d ago

the Toyota's are outselling the Porsche 10 to 1. You should be comparing the 360 to the Wii as their prices are comparable.

pain777pas3696d ago

When is this stuff going to stop. The PS3 has better hardware and incredible inhouse first party developers. This constant back in forth is ridiculous and the public is unaware of M$' woes with the unit itself. Early adopters get screwed and they expect that you'll go out and get new arcades since they are so cheap. Believe me that is their strategy that they knew that the warranty would come to an end soon so they have to or should sell the arcade because all we have to do is presto plop in the new hardware and away we go. Why do we stand for this because we are impressed by the games that the console has which if you broke it down there are really few exclusive standouts ME and Gears really are the only ones and ME may not be exclusive anymore. We have to wake up and see what is really going on here however I understand the economic times so some are really trying to do what they think is best.

SL1M DADDY3696d ago

Agreed. I thank N4G for hinting to the articles silliness and refrained from hitting the link. Sites like this need to be more objective and mature and regardless of console, they all need to quit with the cheap fanboy shots. Fanboys suck balls.

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Ziriux3696d ago

Please refrain from reporting an article because you do not agree with an opinion. If all of you read the full article, I clearly make good points on the PS3.

season0073696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

ic thank you for letting me know

and btw, don't care if you are a fanboy or not man...

see first i saw someone talking bs that there is balance
balance of what?
balance of bashing? so its like everything sucks and then you are a good journalists? come on....and whats the point of this whole article?
mocking mocking and mocking
prices, games, grill!?
what the heck it doesn't even overheat and you call it a GRILL LOL!!!..
come on and i don't even have time for playing all the games on the PS3 at the moment....and price?
yea everyone wants price cut, yea everyone knows price cut boosts sales...whats the point of bringing up brainless comment?

see a lot of people own a phone that is more than 400bucks and they don't tend to use it for more than 2 years
WORTH or not WORTH depends on how much you use and how much you like, if you don't think the PS3 worth the price atm, no worries, get it later or get something else, but it definitely worths its price even in current bad economy...

Aclay3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

The person that wrote this needs to go back and get their facts straight:

"after all the PS2 did sell over 200 million units."

Ummm, NO the PS2 sold over 140 million units. The PS2 has not sold over 200 million units, however I would love the PS2 to sell over 200 million.

The article makes some pretty interesting statements and I appreciate his/her "opinion" and I'll take it with a grain of salt.

PimpHandHappy3696d ago

since when is news a opinion?

When the contributor is the same guy writting the flamebait i would rather not see it at all

Here is a idea

if you want to write your opinion stay off the forums!

now i didnt read this because the fact the contributor is the same guy who wrote it! All i know is the consumer has lost a lot more confidence in THE MARKET to start with! You belittle the fact by saying PS3!

simple fact

ppl spend 200 bucks just to see a NFL team play!
not many spend 500!

understand that

Ziriux3696d ago

Don't worry guys, the Xbox 360 article will be coming your way tomorrow, so will the Wii's.

poopsack3696d ago

gee im sure that makes everyone feel alot better.